is a portal to net art and digital arts and an online gallery space for commissioned net and digital art.

The site consists of four major areas:

  • an exhibition space of net art/digital arts, where current exhibitions will be shown and past exhibitions, such as the Whitney Biennial Internet art projects, are archived.

  • an artdatabase, with links to net art projects that have been created since the beginning of Web-based art. An artist will be invited each month to present their work in the form of a splash page with links to the artist's site and most important projects. The splash pages will be archived in the database.

  • a collection area that archives the works of net art and digital art in the Whitney Museum's holdings.

  • a resources archive, which links to galleries, networks and museums on the web, past net art exhibitions, festivals, as well as net art publications on the Web. This archive will constantly evolve as new organizations and resources are added.