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at least there are a few things that could be done to make this page look a little more attractive or at least more readable but thEN DON'T BE SO F***ING LITERAL YOU #@%*! THIS ISN'T A TYPOGRAPHY LESSON LIke the one that beautiful Swedish girl gave me on the train to Gdansk and then later in the cargo hold of the ship with the moonlight on here snowy-white scandanavian breasts which made me feel so arf arf arf This is another lustless technical test before all hell breaks lose with artists contrbuting scatological prose and poetry, but is this really art, or is it so what else can be said, anyway and more and more and more but what difference is this making WELL ISN'T IT JUST FUN TO WRITE TOGETHER LIKE THIS millenial exaggerations overstate our singularity,basic humanity is as lonely as (I'm feeling a bit spacy) there are a lot of things that could be said, but i don't know what to say but i want to say it my father is coming near have to stop now he always comes upstairs like this in the middle of the night dust follows dust in the endless progression of biological kitchen-ware 1001001 SOS 1001001 IN DISTRESS 100100 Everything is deeply interwingled I want to be unique, just like everyone else After this, Jon decided, finally, to attempt to bring the killers to justice, in his own way, of course, and, in so doing, rid the world of a terrible scourge, reviled by all yet fascinating as well to a small, perverted subset of the community who had watched their antics progress from random, petty violence to the full-fleged sociopathic acts they had been performing, almost as if for entertainment for our benefit, for the last eight months all this mirroring the other night, when, travelling uptown on the 6 train, a man and a woman got on at 23rd street, laughing and babbling to one another in some uncomprehensible language while I leaned back against the bench, trying hard not to fall asleep, and the woman sitting next to me jabbed at my arm and asked me creakily, a microphone held up to her neck because I think her larnyx had been removed, "What language you think they're talking" the problem for the revolutionary artist in the nineteenth century--perhaps it is still the problem--was how to use the conditions of artistic production with easel, in the studio, in the salon for a month, and then on the wall of a sitting room in the Faubourg Saint-Germain? how to a means of artistic distribution to bypass the art market or the exhibition? how to destroy the normal public for art, and invent another? how to make art "popular"? how to exploit one's privacy, and the insights it allowed, and yet escape from it? And of course, there, alone on a bench as the moon sunk, I sat, the darkness engulfing me in my little boat as the lake rippled around me, fish leaping, frogs croaking in the dark early morn, and still I was there, alone on a large vast sea of metaphorical water, waiting for the sun to rise and shed some light on me, the fish, the frog, the boat and the lake And of course, there, alone on a bench as the moon sunk, I sat, the darkness engulfing me in my little boat as the lake rippled around me, fish leaping, frogs croaking in the dark early morn, and still I was there, alone on a large vast sea of metaphorical water, waiting for the sun to rise and shed some light on me, the fish, the frog, the boat and the lake THERE WAS A YOUNG MAN FROM BOMBAY ON A SLOW BOAT TO CHINA ONE DAY WAS TRAPPED IN THE TILLER BY A SEX CRAZED GORILLA AND CHINA'S A LONG WAY AWAY And down went the bucket into the subconscious, BELIEVE IT IF YOU NEED IT / IF YOU DON'T JUST / PASS IT ON so the thing occurred to me that if I cut off my foot people might respect me more or at least pay attention to me limping down the highway or perhaps an eye missing and an eye patch like some Napoleonic hero with a sword rusted from continental wars and a sash of Chinese silk as red as the lips of a country wife cooking sourdough biscuits in the cool afternoon of late summer in the mountains rearing up over the shoulder of the world cool and soft like my cousin Jane that summer on the lake in the late 1950's though every time I've touched someone remains burned into my brain like as I walked down moshoulu parkway, the street of my youth, in my mind while sitting here in new jersey, the idea of the Bronx became more real to me yet again I hear the birds sing their sweet song of indolence as the street sweepers and feral dogs lusted after the twilight softly falling on the street corner CHRIS WAS HERE! few ways to communicate with others not so around you This is definitely the fun part --Oh Daedulus!! if only you would reveal your heart's depth-- why does it always get so late so fast all alone on a friday night at work I feel connected to everyone and noone at the same time as though anyone really cares - yet I do; in that somnambulistic nether world betwixt and between there is concern for it all - not worry, just concern any fool can make an enemy, but it takes a good man to make one's enemy ones friend , I was being groomed to succeed the king - unfortunatly the king found ot and now it's memory only memory for me sounds of water and the moon a feral cousin when Richard Nixon said, "Menin aeide, Thea, Peleadeo Akilleus," as he boarded the plane for the last time, vanity We came across three green Acadias in the stable where two horses stood eating strange lASTING MARzipan when all of a sudden one of the Acadias said: Black is my color, though sometimes I like white also, right, also red a lot, specially when it's my cat purring softly, I turned my inward self to my Higher Power, Meher Baba, Wow, I was a part of the world's first collaborative sentence! unfortunately there's a period in here somewhere war fever ran high in the New England town to which we new, young officers from Plattsburg were assigned, an we were flattered when the firt citizens took us to their their homes, mking us feel heroic "Here lies a Hampshier Grenadier Who caught his death in some ways the sad thing is that insominia is often disguised as a terrible social disease when in fact it is quite normal for most driven, entrepreneurial, outgoing individuals who don't know when to stop their inevitable drive to the top -- considerin Facts don't come with points of view, Facts don't do what I want them to but it looks just fine to me and so does the world we live in today and tomorrow which only improves in inverse relation to the way people complain about how things used to be and how much worse they are now even though they're really better (but different) and things will continue to decline if we do not use our minds to create solutions rather than waste our time on drivel and this could qualify as drivel because although his eyes blazed with good intent, his hands ruined marriages, careers and the faith in God of a more than a few good people who never saw him as driven by ego, which he absolutely was, and it pains me to even think of the women who couldn't muster a "no" when I want to be Ellen, I like you but there's a wall up which I cannot climb, even though the suckers at the end my fingers have been is this working I cannot see if it is but that's all right I guess it is working BROOKE LORREN SHARER was here and then I saw that Write on TAT GRUBSTREET OnAndOnAndOn let there be dialogue, world wide dialogue THOMAS SCOTT HOWDERSHELL, a rider and writer, a wrider or riter I guess he would say, informed me that he had seen the light while riding his Harley one dark desert night, he should pass on a thought to the world on this day, "LOVE IS THE ANSWER," then putted away Today is the greatest day I have ever seen Only then would the young man be allowed to remove the sacred Mother Board "Bob Baker? Bob Baker!!" She cried as she ripped my hairs out but you must remember that you are someone else and I am still right here --I am becoming-- Ich war Atheist bis ich merkte dass ich Gott bin so snow, so snow-tired eyes, so crusty and dusty eyelids screech across those snow-tired eyes nownownownownownownownownow----------------------------------------------------- in the larger context of the history of method itself it need not be the kind of love that murks unknowingly through a heart, or the kind that forces its will with an arrow of inevitability fnord another piece of mindless drivel it looks like the sun through opaque glass looks like the sun through opaque glass IT LOOKS LIKE THE SUN THROUGH OPAQUE GLASS like sproinging springs his curled cats' whiskers danced through the bucket of lime jello, glowing yellow-green in the days' fading sunlight, and yet I saw that it would be noon before we stopped O P A Q U E G L A S S O P A Q U E G L A S S i t l o o k s l i k e t h e s u n t h r o u g h o p a q u e g l a s s why don't we just hug each other more sitting here wondering where this will all take us i felt a flowing, following feeling, pushing my body into the moist, dark eart h and as the death of my father took revenge on the whole village, i knew that all justified means would come through me AND THROUGH ME ONLY je t'aime toujours, and when the earth collides with the sun I will still know that it's raining in Amsterdam -- And that rain shall cry tear-shaped drops upon the hills until such time as la phrase ue a des pensees si engageantes hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm Dear Fujiko, This is a more important innovation than my first global satellite work! Please tune in with Yamaguchi and add a fragment to The World's First Collaborative Sentence To get on the World Wide Web you ask yourself or your friends Once there you dial the number below: Love, I saw it Amazing See us: httpc//andante iss uw edu pl sie ma, jacek szamrej, Center for Complex Systems, Institute for Social Studies, UnUniv of Warsaw, Poland la phrase qui a des pensees si engageantes la phrase qui a des pensees si engageantes pousoons jusqu'a la foret j'ai vu cette phrase naitre! allons a l'indigotenie theory is assimilated into the humanities in two principal ways--by critical interpretation and by artistic experiment "heuretics," the latter approach, functions at the same level of generality as "hermeneutics" theorists from plato to derrida have influenced the making of arts and letters as much as they they have their analysis and intepretation recognizing this fact opens an op- portunity for a heuretic pedagogy a young girl accidentally sees her fiance urinating and is positive she can never marry him, as his penis is far too long and would hurt or kill her her mothe persuades her to try it first, as she can then break the engagement if it is really too long they discuss the matter with the fiance and all go to the bedroom "now, i'll put my two hands around it," says the mother, "and then, if you think you can take more, you tell me and i'll take my hands away" as intercourse progresses, the mother takes away first one hand, then the other, without waiting to be told "oh, mother!" the girl finally cries, "why don't you take your hands away?" (idaho, 1919) the most powerful influence of the computer on modern thinking, i would argue, is not statistical or scientific, bujt humanistic is this not the death of literature? two soldiers, strangers to each other, are opening their mail "now isn't that the most considerate wife," one of them marvels aloud, "sends me a hair right off her snatch to remember her by" the other soldier takes the hair out of his hands, draws it through his fingers, sniffs it, and holds it to the light "pardon me," he says, "ain't your name hawkins?" behavioral thinking is inferior to visual thinking interprovinetsation, a musical link to the sentence by Lois Anderson and a funny video created by a well-known artist and then there was eternity structuralism is essentially an activity, ie, he controlled succession of a certain number of mental operrations: we might speak of structuralist activity as we once spoke of surrealist activity the goal of all structuralist activity, whether reflexive or poetic, is to reconstruct an "object" if psychologically speaking, the striptease relationship is sadomasochistic, socil\ologically this sadomasochism is essential to the educational rite that is being fulfilled the striptease unconsciously eaches the spedctator, who seeks and accepts frustration, that the means of production are not in his possession americans think we cannot think in south africa let me think for you let me say that hat we mor ethan yhou must renew the artistic/cultural debate in this sowrld read comic books that is the only way dad did you ever wonder what it is like to be batman? once the feeling passes all i can do is mention my skin which covers me like your cloak or a leather jacket shredded by time though the feeling persists that all this would be solved by an application of kerosene twice every morning so the king came back and said to me JOHN he said to me JOHN he said so I said YES so he said KNEEL and I said NO so he said OH THOU FALSE PATAPHYSICIAN and I said I'M FROM KANSAS, PERSONALLY which made him still madder and the spiral at the center of his chest turned menacingly COMMA start again I mean what I was really trying to say was here's a word from Here

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and MIHR heals the physical body and the electric body, ta Chuck and Marshall to the Divine to the Subline to the Pool of Tears from the Dalai Lama's sister to the Divine to the Subline to the Pool of Tears from the Dalai Lama's sister Lois Lane in a rain slicker, what man could resist as the traveler considered the network of lines that enlace but was sidetracked by the lights on the highway ; chaos is web is order; Yo tengo contacto con gente en BARCELONA y ITALI pero lo mas increible es poder comunicarse con gente en todas partes del mundo Yo tengo contacto con gente en BARCELONA y ITALI pero lo mas increible es poder comunicarse con gente en todas partes del mundo Moi j'ai des persones avec laquelle je parle col'odenaterus Io posso comunicarmi con gente in tanti paesi perche col computer di oggi e cosi Nel mezzo camin di nostra vita mi ritoverai nel una selva scura chi dirita via Erase una vez habia un hombre que trabajaba en television y ahora, NADA toevoeging voor de langste zin ter wereld in het Hollands nu als Remco dit leest:de groeten aan hollnad en sinterklaasbboterham met kaas wil dat wat materie betreft het is hier in newjork nu half drie smiddags ik wou zeggen dat ik erg veel hou van je pe jdjdjdjjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdsllslslllsa EN EL PRINCIPIO DIOS CREO LOS CIELOS Y LA TIERRA desafortunadamente algunos a–os despuŽs EL PREDICADOR descubri— que VANIDAD DE VANIDADES TODO ES VANIDAD oh oh algo salio mal empecemos de nuevo DEO MAXIMA GLORIA y acuŽrdate que MALO MORI QUAM FĪDARI nada and I want it with less things, so there and I want it with less things, so there's a way to see things, believe, trust and relax, and I want it with less things, so there's a way to see things, believe, trust and relax, and remind yourself that you truly matter,so take care of yourself Hey this is pretty neeneat der krieg ist also ein akt der gewalt um den gegner zur erfuellung unseres willens zu zwingen gewalt das heisst die physische gewalt denn eine moralische gibt es ausser dem begriffe des staates und gesetzes nicht ist also das mittel dem gegner unseren willen aufzuzwingen der zweck or may the Good Goddess grant me darkness what sublime and eclectic personalities are showcased in this sentence sleeping at the keyboard barefoot in the park, on a sunday bloody sunday, I walked with little big man weirdness, total utter weirdness We are the world we are the children, Yuck Yuck I am the world and the children not forever yet infinitely Montaigne said "Que sais-je?" which sounds fancy until you realise he said "What do I know?" in French but I use this sentence to find women who want to have cybersex with me, so if you're interested mail me a description of yourself and some hot ideas to (replacing the periods with kommas since no periods are allowed here) norman,ohler@thing,nyc,ny,us KC said, "I hate myself and want to DIE" Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be, as a friend, as a friend, as I've known in memory, Come doused in mud, soaked in bleach, as I want you to be, as a trend, as a friend, as I've known it to be, in memory, Well I swear it, I don't have a gun, I feel very, um, violated / I mean - you're all looking at what I wrote / Stop it! Go away! Leave me alone! No more! I want my MOMMY!!! and all too frequently the great sadness will rest in my soul Apropos of evil, I consider myself a likable person Przed wynalezieniem dada, dada juz tam bylo

Przed wynalezieniem dada, dada juz tam bylo

long ago I used to sail between the stars but now i've forgotten how and i'm sad



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THE DOOR -<-<-- of course, the only geniuses

This is far too spontaneous for Canadians We prefer our Babel towers a little politer than this Sorry This is far too spontaneous for Canadians We prefer our Babel towers a little politer than this Sorry This is far too spontaneous for Canadians We prefer our Babel towers a little politer than this Sorry aieeee , meanwhile, this sentence was going nowhere, so I decided to make a point, which was not possible, unfortunately TECHNOLOGY WILL NOT ELIMINATE THE DECAY OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT WHICH MUST BE TENDED IN SILENCE Schticks und Stonz kin brek yur bonz, bunt knames kin neffer urt me Krazy Kat, It's not over till the fat lady sings, so how do you lock your doors in cyberspace and, of course, certain mystical spandex cakes walk to and fro without foreknowledge or licensing by insouciant and redundant warbling beancurdlers, waiting upon bended knee, requiring nothing, save infinitesimally rational gastronomy; the pudding, as you it occurs that all of life is simply possibilities and that we only need to speak them for there to be access to them in the universe it occurs that all of life is simply possibilities and that we merely need to speak them to bring them into existence in the universe more friendly, empty, faux-persoanl communication intended to create the illusion of human interaction more of Douglas Davis' self-indlugent stuff Ŗ I feel opaque, yet blatantly transparent, dissonant, archaic, distraught, fraught with the danger of lurking possibilities when the first woman on the moon meets the black president it's hardly worth even reading this tractor is coming to your home screen soon, don't miss it, when performing on the stage I always have to project my voice, though a microphone will amplify it to a full audience, and with a radio it is possible to broadcast to the millions of listeners within reach of the signal, but this marks the first time for world-wide reach, which is rather humbling

IdEAL ORDER Psychic TV Floods the World with Light!

my brother once said to me "a piece of fish in the eye is worth nineteen in the spine, so don't be late for the Wirren cake - now or any time" As usual, my excited race to the microphone leaves me staring at the crowd, dumb Plaise a celui qui est peut-etre de dilater le coeur de l'homme a la grandeur de toute vie , vie-brations, caught in the web of world-mind, fleshless, ffffttttjjjj Subtle Submarines here is some mooootesst how do you like having a big box to write in??? Blinking text cool now at last it will be easier to see everything that is submitted another excursion into
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*****The rain finally stopped today and I took Elfie and Bailey for a walk+++++ but he was not ready for that sort of intensity yet, so I had to be patient, and patience being a virtue that I have not yet entirely grasped the concept of, it is almost midnight and still I sit in my office at my computer in what hasn't turned out to be paradise because i'm twenty three and in graduate school in gainesville of all places and it's creeping past midnight on saturday u mst remain silent and applaud (X-PRZ, 1993) sex songs from latvia and lithuania before the church got there in the renaissance: what did you want, my lad/by lift- ing up my skirt?/did you want to feel/my rose with your hand ? lizzy came running/through a field of thistle/hundreds of tiny burs/got caught in her cunt-hair/little carl got tired/picking them out i wouldn't let that guy/his tool be smudge with me/his tool is thin and long/bends every which way marry me to anybody, mama/just don't give me to a soldier boy/a soldier bangs me heavily,/braced against the crossbeam with his feet five Poles were chopping wood/ on litle anna's tummy/having chopped a little hole/they crawled in for warmth the most powerful influence on modern thinking, i would argue, is not statistical or scien- tific but humanistic rhetorical, in fact precisely as the rhetorical practice of declamation put dramatic rehearsal at the center of classical thought, the computer has put modeling at the center of ours it is difficult to over-es- timate of this across-the-board dramaticality in the world of contemporary affairs and again we find a counterpart in that range of postmodern art which constitutes itself from self conscious haplpenings needless to say, I havenāt done a very good job of keeping up my end of the conversation Everytime I thought to call, Iād realize that the time difference would mean that Iād wake you, or Iād get your machine as youād be out doing wild and crazy things (snapping your fingers at a coffee house, skateboarding up the Transamerica tower, riding the ferry to Oakland, the usual) Or Iād remind myself that calling was instant gratification and that I really did want to try and write to you (besides, itās the only ćcreativeä communication Iāve attempted) Try On Your Weary Earnest And Tattered Hearts End Robot lower your expectations and live a more satisfying life it was a dark and stormy night as they took a stroll through the black forest but something far more ominous lurked at the outer edges of their perception for it seemed to them on that dark and stormy night that all the words of the world had been uttered before and their contribution could not be one of novelty but merely a cheap rehash of the classics, classics so-called because they got there first but even Homer had his Homer, the poor blind traveller labored in their shadow as well as his own having given this some thought I'd have to say that the premise of this piece is off a sentence, according to the 1994 American Heritage dictionary is a noun, a grammatical unit that is syntactically independent and has a subject that is expressed or, as in an imperative sentence, understood and a predicate that contains at least one finite verb now this piece is more like some form of unmutable graffiti that everyone adds his/her presence to this . is a dot it is not a period, it is only a dot ... only DD can have the pleasure of placing the period on The World's First Collaborative Sentence - his great invention...

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like this one to one of my favorite spots and here's another link to a cool place but what about the mist of memories that wrap around my soul, calling me from yesteryear and taking me from the hurries of today and shrouding me from being a good guy; I want us all to start thinking in a utopian way about the future to be imaginative in what kind of community we can create for ourselves to use art as a resource for recreating ourselves and imagining a more ideal way of being you should enter into communication with me to let me know what your utopia is made up of I dont care if it concrete or just a fantasy what are the art works that best represent your utopia what are your favourite adverts of utopia isn't it sad how much of our imaginative life is manipulated by people trying to sell us things we must take back the museum to be a true forum for democratic negotiation to use art in a radical way for positive social change I just don't know where else to look for a vision of my future I despair of party politics religion capitalism technology although this is a good idea what do you think tell me at mftxpgsw@orpheus.man.ac.uk I want peolpe to wake up an be more active and pragmatic less selfish more thoughtful more creative less violent vegeterian no drugs more friendship community communication democracy cheaper tickets to see queens park rangers football club cheaper jazz Cds if we all listened to joe henderson miles davis eric dolphy joshua redman pat metheny bill evans thelonious monk peter erskine marc johnson joe lovano portishead the world would be a better place my desires are for the finances to travel feed myself properly have somewhere reasonable to live be healthy loved have close friends family self esteem and respect for others even when I don't understand anything about them new books by richard rorty jurgen habermas iain mcewan films as good as simple men wings of desire bringing up baby the life and death of colonel blimp we must use our cultural products to think ourselves through to imaginatively change our unsustainable way of life that is called capitalism hope depends upon transition appearing to be practically possible utopia is the exploration of the implications of alternative values we must overcome fatalism art cannot change the world by itself but it can change the consciousness and drives of the women and men who could change the world Marcuse england is too cynical and unpragmatic for me we spend so much time moaning and dont do anything to really radically change our system of livijng we believe voting once every four years in an election has somehting to do with democracy still the beers nice and there is good telly with no adds and people are funny and London is safe but we do have bad teeth and are all terribly repressed but remarkably dressed i also want a job I will be able to fulfill myself in a job where i can intergrate my politics into what i do like being director of MOMA or something trying to be ambitious is really boring sometimes I need to get into the countyside the rainy hills of Yorkshire So the rules forbid fullstops, what about other sentance terminators? but never mind the termnators, recall instead the words of Ambrose Bierce, "I think I think, therefore I think I am" or a wag improving on Heraclitus "One cannot step into the same river once" now there's thought for food the main course among the information food groups ..which is probably not what we all think in our simple, everyday lives. "Roger?", he or she will ask. "Roger F?" will be the next words uttered. "Roger F as in Roger Foss? The most incredible individual that ever lived? That nice guy that lives in OSLO, NORWAY? But of course, my dear. In the gooble-dwack of the himple, Yarrooch The Great One-Eyed Man, is not just imagening all this. The UTTER REALITY is that no man, let alone WOMAN, can help but **shiver** at the pure thought that he lives there. "But Can it really Be?" one ponders. "I mean, Oslo, Norway, for Godssakes! Wasn't he born in Rotterdam, Holland?" Such is the infinite STUPIDITY of those who hadn't realized that "Foss, Roger" had moved. To think that fact wasn't realized when he moved at the age of 9 is just... Ah well, let us not dwell upon such low creatures. Because now is the winter of our dis- which is probably not what we all think in our simple, everyday lives since "Roger?", he or she will ask and then "Roger F?" will be the next words uttered followed by "Roger F as in Roger Foss who is the most incredible individual that ever lived aka that nice guy that lives in OSLO, NORWAY and naturally, the next reply can be but of course, my dear which in the gooble-dwack of the himple, Yarrooch The Great One-Eyed Man, is not just imagening all this as the UTTER REALITY is that no man, let alone WOMAN, can help but **shiver** at the pure thought that he lives there although one can hear "But Can it really Be?" -type pondering and "I mean, Oslo, Norway, for Godssakes Wasn't he born in Rotterdam, Holland?" and as such it is the infinite STUPIDITY of those who hadn't realized that "Foss, Roger" had moved, since we all HATE to think that fact wasn't realized when he moved at the age of 9 and then ah well, let us not dwell upon such low creatures that have such low learning capacity, because now is the winter of our discontent and everything is sneaky up around sneakyville angry sometimes but now it's just quiet and i can one with the joy surrounding bliss into life unfolds beauty shines every morning sun bathes the air with gold it was a dark and stormy night, as he noted it was a dark and stormy night, as he noted it was a dark and stormy night, as he noted it was a dark and stormy night, as he noted it was a dark and stormy night, as he noted a cactus climbing down the stairs, pointing out to him a cactus climbing down the stairs, pointing out to him a cactus climbing down the stairs, pointing out to him a cactus climbing down the stairs, pointing out to him a cactus climbing down the stairs, pointing out to him a cactus climbing down the stairs, pointing out to him a breeze swinging a breeze swinging a breeze swinging a breeze swinging a breeze and now I think it's time to stop screaming and start thinking, stop htmling and start writing, and I wonder how long this sneeze can echo in the ears of the big cahuna, the expressly wild and the outrageously pained snicker in the afterworld in which you said I will always throw money away on Doug Davis' art -- Gene Schwartz A bunch of computer nerds are here-but Doug Davus is truly prescient artist --way ahead of the crowd--Barbara Schwartz you know, you understand the whole scheme don't you know all everything that ever went on, everything that ever happened, was created by you...just tuck it under your cap for a rainy day, my little furry friend, is all that was ever said Mark Twain said something like "Whatever you do, don't let school get in the way of your education" --- -but then school is a bad subject for me - until I was five years old, I didn't speak English, only Dakota, at that time, but when I got sent off to boarding school, I learned, boy, I learned fast - I still remember the beatings we got if for one moment a word that wasn't English slipped out of our mouths - "dirty Indian talk," it was called - now I can't speak it but I understand it when someone speaks it to me - I wonder sometimes if I really have lost my ability to speak it - sometimes I wonder if that old fear of those hands, that stick, those whips, is locking my language away somewhere deep in my body - other times I don't like to think about it, and I try to invent new voices and sometimes they sound like this: much like leaving the train for a quick hitch to the water where there are fish and sharks and all sorts of naughty bits that collide and then hurl their feces into the tracks again like a never ending street car filled with rednecks and puitans who vomit vomit vomit vomit the green hoary vile spew of the church and of the roman baths where, im my humble opinion, the vomiting began when dinner was washed down with wine diluted with water from the nile, natural spring water replete with hair and stern calcium deposits from up river where the silt of the upturned desert runs off into the crystaline springs from deep deep deep deep under, so deep that fish and worms, white and blind, wriggle undisturbed and free along great crevices in an area close to atlantis, but only the atlantis near the core, an atlantis without capitals, seeing as the atlantis with capitalisation has never nor will ever exists, which is to say, it was a land of milk and honey -- a land never experienced by tongues such as ours: tongues all pink and soft and, in fact, a tender reticulated muscle not unlike the rough nimble trunk of the paciderm, the

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her PSYCHIC told her to SCAN a photograph of her LOVER, then COMPRESS the file until it was 1K: * * *** * * ** * * * ** ** **** * * * * * ** * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * POOR,NO CHINESE! There are so many new faces urouning us all the time an I am all wrape up in the moment rom one to the net, puke is coming out all over my brain an yet I know that I am not even trying tto be as full of energy as I was when I was a lot young but now here there an everywhere esle seems to finally be catching on fire and the maker of the earth rots i the grave that he was burie in since we no longer need him to enrich our lives but some few foolish apes are still trying to swing back and forth in the trees without which we could be on our way mking waves in a giant multi colore worl pool full of fantastic lights lashing back an forth an the power of deep base rythem moving inside out limbs as we shake and quiver with excitement watching it all go on all aroun us fantastic creature slither out of deep holes in the gound an we rre caught insie loney shuttle craft moving at various speeds in iffeent directions, not sure who is out there any more but it oes not mater because we know that there are so many possibilities an some things are not the way they seem no mater how long we try and concintrate on the global dream there all all these walls hat still need to be torn own and the controls all in the hans of so few men sitting up in highise building laughing at their slaves as they wok their asses off for nothing and I am only trying to survive at this point so unhappy with so many things but knowing that there is still a future fo me and I will succeed and I can't give up hope, this geneation I see growing up around me is one of the miracles o the imagnation a figment lost in twisted illusion an so we all stand stll gain looking out over the railing and a few of us jump off into oblivion just to see what is there, do you have the curage it takes to move the boulders that are keeping you deep unde the water, as if you in't really want to escape you lie there pinned and incapacitated wating for the big break bbut never going out and getting it but there are othe taking what they want while you just wait till you rot in a shallow grave with other dea friens as your soul companions making up for lost time is so hard to o, but that is of no concern to the willow weeping over the deaa boy of the heroin junky who she use to love with so much true faith and such things are so har to come by in this day and age as of all the new epochs, they all will die trying to shove some thing where it no longer belongs till tomorow, may the people begin a new revolution, and may you ask your self many questions stop the rest of the world from becoming america before it is too late two people were sitting in a bar one says to the other what's your IQ? the first guy responds 300 what's yours? 300 thye talk about physics two more people walk into the bar they sit down and start to talk the first one asks what's your IQ? she responds 270 the first one says hey mine too they discuss medicine two more people walk into the bar one asks the other what's your IQ? the respone is 60 hey mine too do you use acrylic or oils?????? stop the rest of the world from becoming america before it is too late two people were sitting in a bar one says to the other what's your IQ? the first guy responds 300 what's yours? 300 thye talk about physics two more people walk into the bar they sit down and start to talk the first one asks what's your IQ? she responds 270 the first one says hey mine too they discuss medicine two more people walk into the bar one asks the other what's your IQ? the respone is 60 hey mine too do you use acrylic or oils?????? stop the rest of the world from becoming america before it is too late two people were sitting in a bar one says to the other what's your IQ? the first guy responds 300 what's yours? 300 thye talk about physics two more people walk into the bar they sit down and start to talk the first one asks what's your IQ? she responds 270 the first one says hey mine too they discuss medicine two more people walk into the bar one asks the other what's your IQ? the respone is 60 hey mine too do you use acrylic or oils?????? stop the rest of the world from becoming america before it is too late two people were sitting in a bar one says to the other what's your IQ? the first guy responds 300 what's yours? 300 thye talk about physics two more people walk into the bar they sit down and start to talk the first one asks what's your IQ? she responds 270 the first one says hey mine too they discuss medicine two more people walk into the bar one asks the other what's your IQ? the respone is 60 hey mine too do you use acrylic or oils?????? stop the rest of the world from becoming america before it is too late two people were sitting in a bar one says to the other what's your IQ? the first guy responds 300 what's yours? 300 thye talk about physics two more people walk into the bar they sit down and start to talk the first one asks what's your IQ? she responds 270 the first one says hey mine too they discuss medicine two more people walk into the bar one asks the other what's your IQ? the respone is 60 hey mine too do you use acrylic or oils?????? stop the rest of the world from becoming america before it is too late two people were sitting in a bar one says to the other what's your IQ? the first guy responds 300 what's yours? 300 thye talk about physics two more people walk into the bar they sit down and start to talk the first one asks what's your IQ? she responds 270 the first one says hey mine too they discuss medicine two more people walk into the bar one asks the other what's your IQ? the respone is 60 hey mine too do you use acrylic or oils?????? from an experimental point of view, particles are detectable packets of energy and momentum, be they billiard balls, photons, or lambda hyperons at each stage of our understanding, we designate certain particles as "fundamental", in the sense that they are the most elementary interacting units in our theories as our experimental knowledge expands, we have often been forced to revise our views the necessity for such revisions rests with the stringent requirement we place upon our theories: they must, in principle be able to predict the quantitative results of all possible experiments it is fortunate that, at any given stage, we were able to regard certain particles as provisionally fundamental, without jeopardizing the right to change our mind for your reading pleasure, if you like civil war history and weather...:) Hier ben ik en wandel langs uw woordensliert, welk een aangenaam verpozen te verwijlen in zulke overdreven, onzinnige overdaad aan data (zegt de datadandy). Auszug aus dem Roman "DIE QUOTENMASCHINE" von Norman Ohler:WILLKOMMEN ZU: LEBENS-NETZ-VIRUS Ein silberner Jeep faehrt durch eine Steppe in Kenia_ Der Motorlaeuft gleichmaessig_ Auf der Rueckbank des Wagens sitzen DoktorKippler und seine 15jaehrige Tochter Zara_ Sie summt eine kindlicheWeise, die mit Afrika nichts zu tun hat_ Vorne, neben demeinheimischen Fahrer, ist Kipplers Frau angeschnallt_ Alle in teurerSafari-Kleidung_ Ein altmodisches, aber funktionstuechtiges Gewehrliegt quer ueber dem Armaturenbrett in einer Halterung_ Kipplers roetlich gebraeuntes Gesicht wird von einem satten, dabeierregten Grinsen dominiert, seine Augen verschwinden hinter einerSonnenbrille_ Er liegt in der Rueckbank wie in einem Sessel_Muehelos faengt sein massiger, durchtrainierter Koerper dieUnebenheiten der Fahrt ab_ Seinen Ellbogen ausgefahren haelt er sicheinen Weltempfaenger ans Ohr_ Er hoert Nachrichten ab, stellt vonSender zu Sender, dann: lacht er ploetzlich laut auf_ Sein Lachenuebertoent das Motorengeraeusch, katapultiert sich durch die Steppe_Mit zusammengepressten Knien und zusammengepressten Lippensitzt Zara neben ihm_ Sie hasst ihren Vater, bestarrt den Horizont_ Ploetzlich: tritt der Fahrer heftig auf die Bremse_ Bringt das Autoabrupt zum Stehen, kreuzt mit seinem Zeigefinger die Lippen, zeigtdann auf einen nah gelegenen, spaerlich bewachsenen Huegel_Kippler nimmt die Sonnenbrille ab, aergerlich ueber dienichtgeplante Unterbrechung_ Geordnet und ueberlegt orientiert erseine Aufmerksamkeit, sein Gesichtsausdruck ist aufs Aeusserstegespannt_ Zara schaut an ihrem Vater vorbei auf den Huegel: Dortlaeuft eine dutzendkoepfige Gruppe grossgewachsener, bemalterMaenner ins Bild, hintereinander und in exakt abgestimmtemRhythmus_ Die weissen Wageninsassen sind gebannt_ Zaras Blickbekommt einen Anflug von Besessenheit, von tierischem Verlangen_Kippler konzentriert, bereit_ Harsch drueckt er seine Frau weg, dieihn vom Vordersitz aus beunruhigt am Arm packt: Nichts kommt ihmjetzt in den Weg_ Massai! murmelt Zara_ Keine zwanzig Meter vom Auto entfernt, bleiben die Schwarzenstehen_ Sie scheinen an der richtigen Stelle angekommen zu sein,denn sofort beginnen sie, mit Steinen, die sie kreisfoermig anordnen,eine Kultstaette zu errichten, um die sie sich gruppieren_ Sie stoerensich nicht an den Fremden im Jeep, konzentrieren sich auf den Kreis_Den Mittelpunkt der Staette bildet ein bemalter Holzstab, der schraegin der Erde steckt_ In Zeitlupe nimmt Kippler seine Videokamera auseiner beigen Stofftasche und legt sie auf seine Oberschenkel_ DieSchwarzen fixieren den Holzstab, es ist das einzige, was siekuemmert_ Stille_ Mit einem unerwartet lauten: KLACK schraubt Kippler dieSchutzkappe von der Linse der Kamera: Das Klack bricht ein in den Ablauf der Zeremonie_ Die Schwarzenhalten inne, wenden sich unwillig den Fremden zu, greifen kaumsichtbar an ihre Waffen: Kippler schaltet instinktiv auf Aufnahme,gibt gleichzeitig per Kopfrucken einen Befehl nach vorne: Der Fahrernimmt das Gewehr aus der Halterung, entsichert, die Massai werdenunruhig - Da steigt Zara ploetzlich spektakulaer und unbeirrbar ausdem Wagen und schreitet langsam auf die Gruppe zu_ Kipplers Mundwird von einem hilflosen Laecheln umspielt_ Zaras Mutter gelaehmt_ Ohne die Augen von ihren Massai, nach wenigen Schritten voneinem einzelnen, bestimmten Massai zu lassen, geht Zara vorwaerts_Schluepft aus den Ledersandalen, zieht ihre Armbanduhr aus, diesachte in den Sand tickt_ Der Mann, den sie nun deutlich mustert,starrt auffordernd zurueck_ Dann zieht er den bunten Stab aus derErde, laeuft auf Zara zu, uebergibt ihn ihr_ Seine Gefaehrten zeigenkeine Reaktion_ Zara nimmt den Stab und geht zurueck zum Auto_ DerFahrer faehrt mit geringem Tempo davon_ Kippler schaut seine Tochter an: voller Hass und voller Begierde_Sie fuehlt sich stark, fuehlt den Hebel der Macht in ihrer Hand_Aufrecht sitzt sie neben ihm, schaut entrueckt nach vorne_ Er greiftzu ihr rueber, will den Stab haben, aber ihre Knoechel giften weiss,so fest haelt sie das Holz umschlossen_ Gedanken rasen in ihr_ Ihr eigenstaendiges Leben beginnt in diesem Moment_ Kipplers Kamera liegt auf der Rueckablage des Jeeps und frisst dieBilder der Maenner, die sich formieren, nach links weglaufen_Zurueck bleibt der Einzelne, der Zara den Stab gegeben hat_ Erverharrt regungslos, schaut dem Auto nach, nicht seiner Gruppe_ DieZeit bleibt stehen fuer ihn (my e-mail in case you wish to read more: nohler@panix_com) where did the future go (?), it's hiding, in the past, these are merely actors, give me your minimal heart, I will pump it full of real blood again this is the (fill in the blank) (//:Paul Warren/2/9/95/) next is , it's very closeee the captain damped down,he was a bloody damper,dampin down, dampin down town damp down in his armchair damp SO WHILE THE CAPTAIN WAS DAMPIN THE BRIDGETT STAR PLAYED ON HER MUSIC MAN AND DAN KEPT THE BEAT,of course the captain was taking the lead, dampin down all the way downtown DAMP DOWN all around one with the joy surrounding bliss it's such a relief when you realize you are no longer afraid of your own thoughts the feeling you get listening to the song on the radio - emotion, like an external thing, you let it in for a time, for amusement, for refreshment, until you've had enough for now, and then you tune it out again Friends, Romans, Citizens, Countrymen, Countrywomen, Men and Women and Cuddly Little White Furry Creatures With Lovely Blue Eyes Not From My Country, because after all I don't know whether my country is the same as Yours and yours and yours and yours, or should I say ours because after all this is supposed to be the World's First Collaborative Sentence, isn't it?, lend me your ears (and your eyes, since as long as nobody reads this out loud, that is the organ which will enable you to gaze upon this the fruit of our mutual labor), and before we go on to the coup de grrace (with my apologies for the lack of accent circonflexe which this thing seems unable to handle), let me reflect briefly on the amazing luck that I discovered this place by pure and unadulterated accident without even URoulette having anything to do with it this time, just two days before the deadline; I dread to think what I would have done to myself had I only learned of this unique opportunity when it was too late to contribute, but anyway, I made it, I'm in, and oh boy am I glad I made it in on time, even though the news I bring may not endear me to Douglas and all of You people who started it all before I had an inkling of what was going on just an URL away, because because because because ah uh hrrm (embarassed hemming and hawing) I have bad news; it's a cheat; This is not the World's First Collaborative Sentence, because, as any grammarian will tell you, it's not punctuation that decides what is or is not a sentence, but rather the fact that it constitutes a finished whole; and there I must regrettably inform all of You good people that we have failed; I challenge anybody to read this "sentence" out loud in dictation and have somebody else, not previously instructed to avoid the use of punctuation (crucial proviso), take it down in writing again, and I promise you, if he or she is not the completest of analphabetics, IT WILL CONTAIN PERIODS, without a shadow of doubt; This is not the World's First Collaborative Sentence; it might, however, very well be the longest continuous concatenation of words forming a legible text with complete omission of periods (and I concede that for ’most purposes, people would accept this as a good working definition of a sentence; nonetheless, they err); this, of course, sound far less catchy, but don't let it get you down, because it's none the less impressive and fascinating for having been achieved so far, even if it can't be summarized in a catchy phrase; so, a tous presents et a venir, avec mes plus sinceres excuses pour l'omission totale d'accents (French), I now take the liberty to continue the rest of this submission in various languages, not all of which I believe have been previously used in this document, because to the best of my belief, its multilingual character is at least one aspect of this fascinating document truly unique; ik ben dan ook zeer vereerd hier de bij mijn weten eerste bijdrage te kunnen leveren in mijn eigen moedertaal, het Nederlands, hetwelk helaas en tot mijn niet geringe spijt slechts door een verwaarloosbare minderheid mijner lezers zal worden begrepen (Dutch); neanmoins, ceci est toujours preferable aux langues dont en realite je ne connais assez que pour convaincre mon interlocuteur de mon impuissance, comme (French) ya nye ponimayu (Russian), jiyajbe (tlhingan), anteeksi, en ymmarra; olen ulkomaalainen, en puhu suomea; se on sanakirjasta (Finnish). This is necessarily only a small sample, as I am doing this all from memory, and may therefore have to apologize for various typos to speakers of those languages; I could say a lot more on this subject, but I think that for the time being I shall stop here and post this already, before there's a power failure or an earthquake or something; thank you for your indulgence Digging for gold, the old man found lint in his pants as he expounded effortlessly for an extended period of time, relinquishing his time for no one, caring not how anyone felt or if they cared at all, mispronouncing words from his discipline just to piss off on-lookers, he was and will forever be, the old coot's son not that it makes a whole lot of difference anyway, as you're either reading this for your own entertainment, or more probably you've only been _writing_ this for your own entertainment, because somehow I doubt whether many people would take the trouble to read it all in one go, especially the all caps parts which are very hard on the eyes; overigens heb ik er blijkbaar goed aan gedaan naast mijn moedertaal nog enkele andere talen aan het maagdelijke blad (nou ja, het enigszins maagdelijk uitziende edoch in werkelijkheid niet zijnde wegens reeds ontelbare malen uitgewist en hernieuwd zijnde beeldscherm) te slijten, daar een grondigere studie van deze zin mij tot het besef heeft gebracht dat toch enkele nederlandstaligen reeds eerder hun taal aan deze zin hebben toevertrouwd, I think I was still the first with the Finnish anyway, though I wouldn't be surprised if the first suomalainen to drop by chews me out for omitting the little dots over the vowels, but I plead innocent on that count: I tried it and it didn't work in French, so I didn't bother trying it again and again; and the world turns on, and there isn't a cockroach in any of your kitchens, or a tapeworm in any of your bowels, or a mouse in any of your basements, or a bat in any of your belfries, or a jellyfish on any of your beaches, or a piranha in any of your swimming pools, or an oak tree in any of your gardens, who gives a damn about whether this is really the World's First Collaborative Sentence, or just a long string of words masquerading as a single sentence by the rather dictatorial expedient of outlawing periods, and of course they're all entitled to their own opinions, in fact, they not only don't care, they don't _know_, but chances are they wouldn't care even if they knew, which reminds me, incidentally, that it would be impossible to pull this trick in Lojban, where you don't have to type a period to unambiguously end a sentence <-- There would have been a period right there if this was a dictation, but then of course there is that marvellous invention, the semicolon; which is not only useful for winking ;-) but enables you to punctuate an endless ramble, rant, and rave like this one without having recourse to the poor, much-maligned period; and then there is the exclamation point! and would I forget the humble questionmark? nooo of course I wouldn't; silver but soon not, only shadowed by the substance of who I am, not you but with you, here for the moment, but going, like the reflection of light off the face of the moon silver but soon not, only shadowed by the substance of who I am, not you but with you, here for the moment, but going, like the reflection of light off the face of the moon and colourless green ideas sleep furiously unhappily this addition is uncertain as to where its poor progenators are, lord pleas help me find my parents ,and iftheredea, i will submid as of midnight february 14 on the day of st.valentine the artist places a temporary period (.) on this sacred sentence but only for a bare 24 hours waiting for his arrival in warsaw where on the line between east and west he proposes to the world that he allow it to go on and on writing to infinity...on the ground that...only god can stop the world but even if He exists, which not all parties agree about, He won't stop us so easily, because WE WON'T LET HIM, now will we? But how do I know anything if I must trust my senses and they sometimes misreport what they perceive I suppose I must just accept it and move on even though it is hard to do once you think about it that way. -- Chris Jacobs But how do I know anything if I must trust my senses and they sometimes misreport what they perceive I suppose I must just accept it and move on even though it is hard to do once you think about it that way. -- Chris Jacobs yes, continue - Gary Welz P.S. LET THE SENTENCE NOW REMAIN OPEN UNTIL THE WORLD AT LAST IS FINISHED WRITING FOREVER warsaw feb.16 dd Oczekuje performance'u Davisa gdzie odezwie sie glos Tadeusza Kantora: artysty jak on sam ktory jest wessany przez wlasna przeszlosc i absurd czasu przyszlego. are the bloody dampers still dampin down in the arm chair damp...the captain ponders and wonders if being in dublin could contribute to his dampness o time your pyramids I heard him singing behynt the fents - Wewl make such a noys, such a noys, such a noys, My good old boys well, who would of thought that humble I would have added to this sentence, the game may be over in more ways than one....is it...... A WOMAN A WOMAN A WOMAN WITH ANOTHER WOMAN A WOMAN A WOMAN HAD ANOTHER WOMAN A WOMAN A WOMAN... IS THIS REAL....ARE YOU THERE ... and I said "tell me I'm wrong" and he said "I cant baby, cause you're not!", down with government, bad is good, baby, unless of course we consider I send greetings and salutations from sparta, nj, usa I remember know, i rember how it started, i can't remember yesturday i just remember doing what they told me to do whatever they said was: WAS IT WHAT WAS IS, or IS IT WHAT WAS WAS? Let me just say (nothing) and now pause between the endless longing for endlessness to express the endless longing for less longing for less procreation and more recreation and suddenly Sophie says wow and now this space has cybersubstance for as long as there burns electricity into this circuit which way do we go-please invoke cartoon voice for last phrase and then invoke the spirit of AL GREEN singing LETS STAY TOGETHER and then soak up all the love you can while you still can while I wrap up the text, i dont want to say I dont know what to say, but this is the end (trail of periods) ending in a dower dark dusty doom but nonetheless god so inhibited here i find hope in sunshine & the solicitations of my friends so who are you & why am i let's just call it expropriation now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this sun of York and all the clouds that lowr'd upon this house made to vanish now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this sun of York and all the clouds that lowr'd upon this house made to vanish submit button The screen door slams, Mary's dress waves, like a vision she dances across the porch as the radio plays, Roy Orbison singing for the lonely,Hey that's me and I want you only, Don't turn me home again, I just can't face myself alone again,Don't run back inside darling you know just what I'm here for, so you're scared and you're thinking maybe that maybe we ain't that young anymore, show a little faith, there's magic in the night, you ain't a beauty but hey you're alright, oh and that's alright with me well i can see that there is a lot to take in here...... those are not periods merely pondering a display of time i have seen a lot of crass crap on net is this HERE a something that is truly organic and owned by us more like the NET itself was and is and probably will not be for more than a small period like this one.... . i was bemused how SMALL it is this BIIIIG sentence so indeed it does reflect that we begin and end with something VERY small and insignificant sperm & dust so i bid you farewell across the world until i visit this short but long period again from england and then, suddenly, a minutes past, and then another, and then, without warning, another, different minutes past but wait a minnute, hey quit,





No wait a minut, dont talk


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FROM WARSAW ON MARCH 7 AS I LEAVE FOR NEW YORK-LONDON- MOSCOW (ON MAY 15) i thank the world for the writing of this sentence in beauty, terror, viscera, and grace tired, questioning if I've ever made the RIGHT decision since SHE flooded my view and not the she which I promised to be forever but a new SHE that will never be with me I think that this is one heck of a good idea! for all of us that just like to do somtheig that hasn't been done befor now! good luck to the world We are the ownner of a Haitian art gallery in Washington, D.C. actually called Bolivar Gallery 1930 18th Street NW Wasshington, DC 20009. We've been on the market for over 15 years. We have developed Newsletters on Haitian art and handicraft, we have given lectures on several universities on the east coast, we organize exhibits often , we officially authentify and evaluate works of art (Haitian). We would like to know how we can contribute to your program. Our e-mail id is vnpa63a@prodigy.com . Please let us know how to do it and what to do. Iti was a pleasure to see that you were covering the subject of Haitian art !! Great job, Please reply. We are the owner of an art gallery called Bolivar Galeries 1930 18th Street NW Washington, DC 20009. It siessentially a Haitian art gallery and has been on the market for over 15 years. We have developed newsletters on the matter of Haitian art, we have contributed to the illustration of books through Haitian art, we have had articles written on the subject on major newspapers in the DC area, we hold exhibits every so often, lectures are also held at universities in the area . We would love to contribute to your program so let us know how and what to do. Our e-mail adress is : vnpa63a@prodigy.com please reply Daniel Silva yes but no but yes but no but yes but no but yes but no yeah but that doesn't mean much what's the password for this place anyway oops that's kind of a sentence isn't it I mean if it is supposed to have a question mark it seems as though a sentence is somehow implied the world's longest largest does it really matter to anyone but those who contribute to this monstrosity has gotten ahold of me and will not let go so I succomb you should too but what shall Ba'al say when your time comes to be one of the chosen launch into to space the final ambitions of the minority workers who make less than minimum wage and sacrifice thier lives for thier dignity which reeks of putrid fleshhhhhhhhhhhhit happens to the best who do not know it going to happen when you least expect it shall leave your soul dry like the tender box of hell is there a way out of this living hell! A lot of my information about the world we live in comes from Walt Disney movies

the immediately



the immediately




fue la mejor manera de decirlo pues desde que se mudo no tenia claro el proposito de su existencia ni la estupida razon de entablar una comunicacion con un extra~no lo cual le hizo pensar en su intimo deseo deseaba ser madre y no sabia como ni con quien no deseaba padre deseaba hija hasta encontrar "The immediately gratifying way " y percibir cuanta hasta ese momento su existencia habia sido vana et sans autre idee en tete elle y rentra

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light? I ask that of all of my victims
hola chico kevin jon boyle siad that the young couple was last seen somewhere near kingston arizona and that they had little lester who seemed to be in fine condition tagging along with something dragging behind him tied to a string because I don't think that was fair to do without first consulting us but I just drank a soda that contained carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup and/or sugar, citric acid, potassium citrate, potassium benzoate, gum arabic, malic acid, potassium sorbate, yellow number 6, salt, glycerol ester of wood rosin, natural flavors calcium disodium edta, brominated vegitable oil, and the most disguting thing of all, backwash, so dont give me any of that or i'll just ^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^ and so <*><*><*><*><*><*><*> Adhogamhe is awful he picks his nose and eats it de mi tierra bella, de mi tierra santa, oigo este grito de los tambores y los timbales al encumbanchar, y cada calle que va a mi pueblo tiene un quejido, tiene un lamento, y la nostalgia como su voz I do believe the most evil of all things on this great planet of ours is the catholic church --- Responsible for all sorts of evil including rape, pillage, greed, molestation, and the repression of women ---- What a great world where this evil is allowed to become the most powerful corporation on the planet. Mi man bilong Papua New Guinea, na mi lukim dispela tok hia naana na kirap no gut tru, sapos ol man meri long dispela graun askim yu mista Douglas wanem kain tok tok yu singautim long mipela.....ah yu tok 'laik bilong yu' orait mi trai hat tru na na mi wet long harim tok i kom bek long dispela longpela raitim tenkyu tru olgeta here is the latest popular joke in poland president lech walensa goes out on the middle of a frozen body of water and cuts a hole in the ice he takes out a fishing pole and begins to fish a small boy sees him and asks "what are you doing?" walensa, irritated, says "i am fishing why do you ask" the little boy says "i am a little boy and i am curious" ten minutes later a worker comes he looks at the president and asks also "what are you doing?" walensa, al- most losing patience, says "can't you see i am fishing why do you have to ask?" the workers say "i am a worker and workers deserve to know" ten minutes later a middle aged man comes "what are you doing?" he asks for the third time now very angry, walensa says "damn it, i am the president of poland and i am fishing who are you" the man replies "i am only the manager of this skating rink" The mystical secret of this world might be find in studing the the the words METANOIA and EPINOIA The mystical secret of this world might be find in studing the the the words METANOIA and EPINOIA The mystical secret of this world might be find in studing the the the words METANOIA and EPINOIA , I seem to be having a tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle, Bon courage! C'est une excellente idee et je suis heureuse d'avoir une petite partie dans cette phrase the best part about bondage is that when your lover ties you up and you can't move anymore, you are completely at his mercy Onceuponatimetherewasaniceyoungmalkaviannamederhwonandhedecidedtoaddtoothecollaborativesentencebuthedidn'twanttoseemgreedysoheusedonewordbutitwasreallylongandhestillaskedothermalkavstojoininAAHHHHHHgreencardlawyerssoanywayalltheothermalkavswhatflowersformethankyoucanIhavesomemorepleaseyummythreeislessthaneightandeightonitssideisinfinitythereI'mdoneyoucanhaveitnowforalittlewhilebutgivieitbackwhenyou'redoneok wow I have been talking for such a long time, but you know I do that when i get excited, and well, she does does that to me, I don't know how, but I would never ask her to change the way she does anything... she's a good barber you see, but she also you know, my friend had something written around here somewhere about a green dog with no soul, or his green dog with no soul, stating the existence of said creature in japanese even, but i can't seem to find the damned thing anywhere.... hello from the beginning of the world What is your answer to people who ask "but is it art?" making desire part of my daily ritual, i walk the streets of my town scanning up and down for the perfect one, the one who on this day would be the object of my desire, to desire to hold, desire to kiss, and plan out what a life would be like with that person in mine just because punya was here too... sadly smita could not make it and I'm Scott from Brady TX and the Internet will become part of the future and everybody will have access and is this really art and hi to you, reader and Stephen King is the best author ever and I'm using Lynx with no graphics ohhhuhhhthisfeelsgood and I wish that if someone is going to write a program called satan to do satan-like things to the world and let us hack and phreak our little heads off then they should at least make it easy to find I've been ftp-ing and archie-ing all over the damn net and cannot find it yet if you find it and know where I can get it send it to s090jls@nova.wright.edu -- you know, words are a wonderful form of communication, but they will never replace kisses and punches, so I think, therefore I am, I think the quick brown fox jumped over the dog's back and the point was that I forgot to tell him how much I loved him, I forgot to tell him how much I appreciate his tenderness, so I am not sure that he ever knew how much it all meant to me, and the point now is to live it more ugently and to be here with my body and yours and to never let it all slip between our fingers and into a virtual world beyond our grasp, but tell me how to not that this is a run on sentence or anything, because I like to see people join up and show our old english teachers that poetic license can be used other places: not only in poems, and if I ever learn how to spell or use punctuation correctly, hey, the world will be a better place... seth, 95 we stumbled across this damn thing as we took drugs and ate Taco Bell fastfood, and we were impressed by the persistence of people, being somewhat persistent people ourselves, as evidenced by these words, which constitute our contribution to this sentence, which I am afraid to say is certainly not the World's First Collaborative Sentence, since I distinctly remember writing several collaborative sentences with my friend Victor Virgil Vallowe (his real name!) when I was in high school, but of course our sentences tended to be much shorter, anyway, we are putting together a World's First Thing of our own, namely, the World's First TV Show on the Net, which may sound really foolish, but you can't imagine HOW foolish until you see for yourself, which you can, come April 18th, 1995, by searching for ROX yes ROX on the Web, which reminds me, my friend T Black wrote a song called "Fuck" which his band Kernie performed recently, and so I thought I'd share some of his lyrics with you: "Fuck is my favorite word Fuck if you haven't heard Fuck I say it every day Fuck to keep the doctor away Fuck fuck fuuuuuuck fuck fuckfuckfuck..." and so on like that there, gets a bit tiresome, but that reminds me I now feel part of things I have made my mark there is no point in continuing once you start, your fears go away like the time I was just sitting there thinking about all that had happened to me since I was born because now that I have lived out almost 18 years on this small blue green planet which is just really another ball of molecules revolving around a small star I have come to realize that not much of it matters in the long run except fun, making other people happy, love, REM, and of course sleep, which is just a poor substitue for coffee as any true goth can tell you because yeah thoug I walk through the valley of decaffinated I shall not fear for Wa is a short guy who knows how to get to the Palace Diner I AM entirely here, at this moment -renŽ gaines and patrick is soooo damn cute and patrick is soooo damn cute and the weather is miserable listening garbarge, ae under skies in chrome running off and over to the underside of technology, sounding, singing, playing into into the brainspace babel made outward made real made approachable made public running running into and away from myself running away from you why won't you touch me? why won't you hold me? won't somebody please just hold my hand? the buzzing i hear buzzes in my ears it is the sound of a lawnmower but it is more it is the sound (sound is unimaginably bright) of the lawnmower & the broadcasting of millions, scuse me billions of brains all alive, working/yelling/thinking/dreaming/sleeping/whispering/churning everywhere the sound travels and i hear it you hear it that high-pitched tone in the back of your head its always there technology is especially notorious for producing this sound please raise your hand if you can hear it juvenile, I food propaganda will destroy us all, or was that chicken, I always forget what the difference between a retard and a reterd is, was, will be, never touch spray monkey he will kill you without remorse or feedback slowly i turned and behind me I found, hello, kim! I've been looking for you where have you been did Joe do something to your head, I'll beat his ass blue for the love of you in spirited recognition of the Wild family of Rhode Island, namely Samuel, Mabel, Frederic, Elianne, Ed, Betty, Maj-Britt, Hadley, Ric, Alan, Theresa, Lillia, and William, and the kind of world they have inherited and are hopeful in passing on since, while not church going, we are like others stupified by the understanding that something is going on here, and plagued with the question of WHAT since certainly if we knew the answer to this question, it would make living meaningful, however, in the spirit of this work I'll continue by noting that the seeming paradox of existing devoid of meaning is as moot an issue as is obvious that the human introspective process has brought the notion of semantics to the forefront of existence, and that certainly any semantic quality placed on anything merely acts locally and relative, and that there are no Universally pervasively meaningful ideas one could possibly contrive concerning the Universe, surealism per se, or existence at the local level, since the local level connot exist without its compliment, the rest of the Universe, we must not kill any more unborn children ABORTION IS MURDER what does pro choice mean anyway WHAT KIND OF CHOICE IS THAT choose life BESIDES MURDERED BABIES WONT BE ABLE TO POST ANY ADDITIONS TO THIS SENTENCE oh no I dont want to think about that
... and now, we are immortal; and we are changing the world ...
and then there was this time when my dad took me to the zoo and we were looking at the orangutans and he was saying aren't they cute aren't they funny they're just like humans but with more hair and he said get up on the edge and i'll hold you and you won't fall and i got up on the edge and i was losing my balance and he took his hands away and he said never trust anyone et un bout de la phrase trempe dans la culture Montrealaise, A bright flash always accompanied the opening of the worm hole, but this time it was different I knew something was wrong, I knew something was coming through to take me back to hell will rise tethered to multicolored ballons to view spread out below This is a test to see

if this bloddy old thing

will even work. I could tell you that I am going to France tomorrow, and I would not be lying. ARe you sure? I asked. Yes, he said. This is really cool! Arrgh! I'm not usually from prodigy, so f off! Thanks! How do you say "Will you fuck me?" in French? Jesus is Lord Of lords and God of gods. Geduld, Geduld, wenn's Herz auch bricht, Gott in Himmel hadre nicht - LET ME TEL YOU...I THINK O.J SAID IT BEST, PALS, JUST LEMMEE TELL YOU- THERE WAS NEVER ANOTHER VICTIM, OR ANOTHER REACTION, QUITE LIKE WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE- WE'VE GOT TO LET GO OF WHATEVER IT IS THAT IS HOLDING US CAUGHT BETWEEN THE NEW AND OLD WORLDS- THE NEW WORLD BEING CRICA 1980 AND LATER, AND THE OLD WORLD BEING A COLLECTION OF CHEAP PLASTIC, SLOW HARDWARE AND SEPIA TONES CAUGHT IN THE FLAT LOW LIGHT OF THE FADING INDUSTRIAL-AGE ETHOS THAT IS IN EVERY PIECE OF HEAVY, LARGE METALLIC MACHINERY, AND IT IS IN THESE THINGS THAT WE FIND THE IDENTITY, AND THE ABILITY, TO CUT OURSELVES LOOSE FROM EVERYTHING THAT HAS PREVIOUSLY BEEN CONSTANT, AND TO TRULY HEAD IN A NEW DIRECTION THAT IS FAR FROM THE THOUGHT OF SLAMMING DOWN HARD ON OUR COLLECTIVE FACES IN DUSTY, BLOODY BUT PLASTIC AND METAL DEFEAT AT THE HANDS OF OUR FOREBEARS, AND THEIR PROGENY, WHICH IS OURSELVES, NAKED, STRUGGLING, BUT PROTECTED BY THE FRUITS OF OUR HANDS AND MINDS FROM THE CHILLING REALITIES OF THIS UNIVERSE, WHERE YOU MIGHT SOMEDAY BE FORCED TO LIVE AND TO SURVIVE WITHOUT A REMOTE CONTROL OR EVEN A FORGED STEEL KNIFE- IT IS THE PLACE WHERE WE MUST ALL GO ONE DAY- FOR PRYING YOUR COLD HARD FINGERS FROM THE STEERING WHEEL OF TECHNOLOGY- AND WHERE WAS I- WE MUST TAKE WHAT WE HAVE AND USE ALL OF OUR POWER TO PULL LOOSE FROM HISTORY AND START A NEW TIMELINE, LIKE THE GREEKS, LIKE THE RENAISSAINCE- WE MUST ENETER THE A.N., WHICH IS THE TIME after now WHERE WE CAN FINALLY COME TOGETHER AS A SPECIES AND DO WHAT WE ARE ONLY NOW ON THE VERGE OF BEING ABLE TO ACCOMPLICH WITH NOT OUR OWN BARE HANDS, BUT RATHER OUR HANDS AND THE TOOLS OF OUR BRAINS AND HEARTS AND GUTS AND slackful and close to "Bob" as I excremeditate here on my throne of the almighty church of Jesus Christ Superfly and ponder the concept of and, hmm, I wonder how many people read about this in newsweek, what I wonder too is Rial saw his sister she was in a place he never wanted her to be, in his throne room, the throne room of the emperor of darkness, he she screamed and fell fell fell off of the battlements as she saw who he was his true name not rial rial is a liar rial is i he saw her fall and he screamed, his heart burst with the pain and he killed killed any living thing he saw then he fell too and he and his sister died by one anothers sides "i love you i wish i could have been rial and not liar" he says and she forgives him and they die together the disjointed rambling of the mad god MAN or MABDEN as he is sometimes called this is a senile doddering of a disjointed populace with concert it could change all but all is chaos chaos rules all tiamat the great dragon is all that there is ennui is no reason for suicide the only reason is PAIN (ellipsis) Cory Lueninghoener (going for the worlds longest name along with the worlds longest sentence) in Omaha, NE, USA, likes this and thinks this is a cool way to try to makehimself known around the world and I (cory) am happy with it, thanks I wonder why I wonder why I wonder why I wonder ; I wonder why I wonder why I wonder why I wonder, to chob is to grob; to grob makes a sloby, ever so chobby makes it increasingly flobby, i've got tha k-rad warez, oh, you know, the warez, pirated warez, the SPA has got meh,I've gawt da bluebeep and da warez, da c5 tonez around da werld are beeping out my phone calls in discoordiate krad tonez, oh yeahI l1k3 wr1t1nG 1n \/\/a- r3z sp33k... *BoW* *AbBa* *LOD* *MOD* [dk] [db] [sk] *P*I*N*E*A*P*P*L*E* FaCe: FaCe:

Now is the time to remember

Let's give my addition some J*a*z*z... how bout some color??? *bOw* ...anyhow, It's very intimidating to be faced with the prospect of participating in the world's longest sentence, and so I will just kind of hang out here for a minute and type a few things and then leave an opening for the next participant who will come along next--



so who's next uh, hello, these cowbells are choking me, and that new mail notice just fucked up my entry to the world's largest sentence or whatever this is supposed to be, i never was too good at making run-on sentences, my name is brian, i like nitrous, i also like usblues by the dead, so if you want to put a donut in my teeth and tell me how the stratus clouds are screwing up your tan, feel free to worry me, cause i won't listen to your rubbish talk, after my first name brian comes an A then my last name Sanders from monroe georgia, so if you want to travel to see me on this shitty named information highway at bisanders@davidson_edu (you know what goes in that space) or i have a box at www_pobox_com, and you need to try that out too cause that's a damned good idea, and about these cowbells, too $hort rules, that's on long beach, bye from brian:]-~ (ps- great god will come down one day and make us all feel high - a shout out to the rastaman) ***-bri Hey hey mamma, said the way you move, gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove


Once I wanted to find the meaning of life so I asked this guy but he didn't know but he said the guy down the sterrt might know so I went and asked him Is there a way, Is there a part, Somewhere I can stay, Somewhere in your heart? perhapshtereisanswer-youcansharewithme-youpromiseyouwill Sure I think about you now and then but it's been a long long time I've got a good life now ,I've moved on so whn you cross my mind I try not to think about what might have been 'cause that was then and we have taken different roads We can't go back again there's no use giving in and there's no way to know what might have been that same old look in your eyes it's a beautiful night i'm so tempted to stay, but too much time has gone by we should just say good night and turn and walk away i try not to think about what might have been---Amber will know what I mean ummmmm, uhhhhhh, stuff like that an stuff and then came Bernard Chien Perro Michael Arfa or Bill Neilson, if you read this please right to seth Flaxman at Srf18 BODIE & BAILEY LIVE IN A CAVE, A CAVE OF WOOD, A CAVE OF MILK BONES


"i am just a poor boy my stories seldom told i have squandered my resistince for a pocket full of mumbles such as promises all eyes and jest still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest" silence silence good now c'est la via the endless world get over it i've been here before and i won't take it your spoce is to sour so wake up and shine on a cockatiel named STIMBO who never lets you see him eat Something profound, something sincere, I suppose, would be nice to read, so we lets all relax in a crazy world - and enjoy some good rootsy reggae - irie boy if my english teacher saw this sentence she would jump out of a window and would that be all that bad where do i begin this very incomplete sentence shave your cat comb my rug eat more meat product play with my fishbowl color my house in and demand a refund drink whatever it is in that container my roomate is very intimate with his dog and his dog likes it but there just friends i would cosider trying to reason with myself but it would get wait shhh im listening to reason he he he he he he he hehe heheiekekdkdkdkdowioi what ever happened to just being a being eat more food go on a diet just geat fat or phat which ever you would prefer to do get a brick throw it talk more who couldent use more lint im really just fed up with people who ramble shit that dont make sentences Hullabaloo, Caneck, Caneck is what my children will be singing as they join 21st Century TEXAS AGGIES cheering on the '12th Man'while forging ahead to make the world a brighter future how I don't know how my head expanded babalum my heart pounded babalum oh ache tee tea pea you are el ache tee tea pea double you cubed route sixtysix commercial godot welcome ache tee him hell Well, some folks howl for cafish chow,,,while other folks dish is fried catfish! ; which is unimportant when I consider how my light is spent ere half my days in this dark world and wide, and that one talent which is death to hide lodg'd with me useless, though my soul more bent to serve therwith my maker, and present my true account, lest he returning chide; doth God exact day-labor, light denied? I fondly ask; but Patience, to prevent that murmur, soon replies: God doth not need either man's work or his own gifts; who best bear his mild yoke, they serve him best; his state is kingly: thousands at his bidding speed and post o'er land and ocean without rest; they also serve who only stand and wait; why should trees be wasted when the same information can be presented on a video screen Is this thing still going I mean the world and can I answer the question of wheither the answers will come in prose alone or do I stop to think of the great vacuum that spans the carpet? Far be it for me all humble and 200 million light years away from memory to add swift measures to growing minds and realize the release one more time myself, praises infinite, as i sit and do holy unspeakables with my digestion coupled with desire desire desire of my own temptations desire desire of my own forgetfullness desire desire but only to love again as we first met oh great show of the world ignite in grand fusion more illustrious each time and time is passing days if only we were... in matrimony, alimony is not neither shall be your thoughts on monetary situations, amen, that was spoke by ngjp95a@prodigydotcom in the year of our web nineteen and something else comes along and your history- Jessica and Emma Frey are the reason I exist. Love Jim. Jessica and Emma Frey are the reason I exist -Love Jim- graduation stinks, the real world is coming, and what do I do with my life, and where do I go and what do I do? The year 2000 will be: Istanbul not Constananoble, now it's Istanbul not constantanoble, They Might Be giants Rule, a turkish delight on a moonlit night, THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS RULE and the playfulness of the time was tempered by the tornado of his being because all is lost unless it is seen by the great one of his being because the all seeing one cannot see unless it is the time of the mathamatics sale of the century I wonder why it is we all think this is shitty, yet we do it anyway? Can you tell me? Will you be the one? She never listens, but I think tomorrow I will tell her anyway. Fuck the bitch. SO WHAT EXACLTY _DO_ YOU WANT? A SENTANCE? THE LONGEST IN THE WORLD? BULLSH*T!!! I don't know what use this sentence is going to be but still OH MY GOSH!! I forgot to flush!!

Okay, this is it

....this is the end....i swear I _WILL_ do it...i will end this thing all I have to do is


I'm just crazy enough to do it...

Aw,hell, forget it.....

I was here He turned towards me and said, in the way he always said things, "You! You, there! Might that I could hail thee, in a way other than this but you see, as the world is now there is little else I couldst have done. Pray thee how goes? Does thine life treat thee well? Or is it otherwise my friend? Dost the inadequacies of the fools around us make one turn in horror? Dost the stupidity of all around make one turn to thine mother and cry out, 'Why must this be fair mother, what is it that we have done to deserve such a fate?' But thine mother has no answer. She has no ears you know. No ears to hear thine words of calamity. No ears to listen the the beauty of the world. She has no ears my son. She will never hear you again. Never. So you turn to thine father. But he has no eyes my son. No eyes to see your pain. No eyes to see what happiness can be begotten in life(however little that may be). He is lost in this world. Lost for all time. Let us hope that you are not lost though for if you were lost you have no one to guide you. You have noone to nourish you. The sad thing is though, you have nothing, you have absolutely nothing my son, no dreams no hopes no wishes, it is a sad state. Even your mother and father before you had these things. But you have lost them. Lost them all. You ARE lost my son, and you shall remain so as long as you die. From, Russell Hanson e-mail, yoriq@aol.com (please forgive aol for its crimes against society) \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\//\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ JJJJJJJ EEEE SSS U U SSS J E S S U U S S J E S U U S J EEE SSS U U SSS J E S U U S J J E S S U U S S JJ EEEE SSS UU SSS L OOO V V EEEE SSS L O O V V E S S L O O V V E S L O O V V EEE SSS L O O V V E S L O O V V E S S LLL OOO V EEEE SSS YYY YYY OOO U U ! Y Y O O U U ! Y Y O O U U ! Y Y O O U U ! YYY O O U U ! Y O O U U ! YYY OOO UUU . I don't understand what is going on here I am all alone lonliness itÕs not very fun My name is Chris Amos be sure to watch for it if all goes according to plan, it should be widespread -- a household name... if IF IFF what a little word what an eensee-weensee word but not quite as small as I I... it's all alon

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