CodeLayers: A Remix
Computer programs, like people, are usually doing several things at once. This remix of Brad Paley's CodeProfiler highlights the different streams of attention, or "threads," in a program. Each thread is shown as a floating layer of code. High priority threads--actions the computer views as most urgent--are shown in the foreground. Lower priority threads are in background layers. Within each thread, the more frequently a line of code is executed, the larger it is displayed. The picture is updated in real time as the viewer interacts with the program being profiled, changing form as mouse movements and clicks are registered by the underlying program.

CodeLayers (left) by Martin Wattenberg
profiling CodeProfiles (right) by Brad Paley
remixed from CodeProfiler by Brad Paley

Profile of Scott Snibbe's Tripolar
Profile of Martin Wattenberg's ConnectApplet
Source code for CodeLayers
Tech notes