Scott Snibbe:
Maciej's piece -- a time distorting rectilinear, digital sundial -- is a surrealist connection of time, place and code. The geometric simplicity of the work overlays the rich mental associations of the text -- time and space travelling over the short stretch of the screen. On its surface, the work feels like Thomas Pynchon -- a mental tease that pulls your mind from place to place without quite touching down. Behind the execution of his work, the code richly amplifies the piece. The server-code is a complex abstraction, like the messy physical body that lies beneath our thoughts and actions. The client-side code is an elegant joke and conversation -- a deep question from the client being answered with riddles from the server. Like Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide, the answer to the meaning of life then begs the further question -- "What is the question for the answer to the meaning of life?"

John Klima:
I was hoping someone would do ASCII art with the code and sure enough, Maciej did. His "main" is indeed only seven lines but in his "library," where all the work gets done, the code becomes a form of concrete poetry. It also serves to make the code completely unreadable. Sheesh Maciej, you just won't give anything away for free!