Wall Drawing #358

A 12" (30 cm) grid covering the wall. Within each 12" (30 cm) square, one arc from the corner. (The direction of the arcs and their placement are determined by the draftsman.)

Modifications: Direction of arcs is continually changing and selected at random. Units of measurement translated into pixels.

The variation of Wall Drawing #358 continually updates itself four times each second, displaying a randomly selected composition. This expression of Wall Drawing #358 gives the viewer a better understanding of the structure behind the drawing than looking at a single instance of the system. It may have been interesting to build a version where the viewer has the ability to change the direction of the arcs, thus taking this decision away from the draftsperson and giving it to the viewer.

We are given a glimpse into how this rendering is constructed through the rapid display of its possibilities. However, even with this animation in place, it's still difficult to focus on the direction of a particular square-arc. I also get a general sense that the thing is moving upwards (but upon further inspection, find that I can see it going any direction).

My eyes keep searching for repeating patterns and recognizable forms which are not there.

Compared with the static piece, the continuous variations in this version seem to add layers and a sense of depth to the drawing.