Structure #003A

A surface filled with one hundred medium to small sized circles. Each circle has a different size and direction, but moves at the same slow rate. Display the instantaneous intersections of the circles.

Implemented by Jared Tarbell
8 April 2004
Processing v.68

The circles in this interpretation begin with a radius of 1 pixel and slowly increase to some arbitrary size (10-50 pixels). Circles are drawn with small moving points along the perimeter. The intersections are rendered as glowing orbs. The twinkling effect of the intersections was unintentional, but once discovered, emphasized with an irregular drawing technique. Glowing orbs are rendered ONLY when a perimeter point moves past the intersection point.

I love that the actual circles are not drawn but are hinted at by the presence of pinpoints of light that exist on the perimeter.

I enjoy watching the circular forms emerge and dissolve amid the orbiting particles. The circle intersections are expressed in a delicate and original way, through the glowing particles along the perimeter. Are these perhaps excited electrons emitting light?