Structure #003A

A surface filled with one hundred medium to small sized circles. Each circle has a different size and direction, but moves at the same slow rate. Display the instantaneous intersections of the circles.

Implemented by William Ngan
4 April 2004
Processing v.68

In this piece, I try to give the circles a sense of life. They are like plankton cells, slowly drifting upwards, bumping into and "talking to" each other (i.e. instantaneous intersection.) I like it best when the encounter is very brief, and the cells show indecision and almost nervousness. I enjoy the strangely emotional qualities displayed in the movements of simple lines and dots, even though it's perhaps a kind of pathetic fallacy, if not childishness. The sharp colour contrast makes the composition “blink” annoyingly, but I like the primitive and “nervous” qualities associated with it.

The circles in this piece seem to be alive. While they experience multiple intersections with other circles, they seem to be able to choose a particular intersection to which they are most attracted. This kind of behavior is analogous to daily life, often forced into singular points of focus.

The effect of this piece is quite organic. The movement and response of the circles is reminiscent of a cellular process. The dilation of the center lines is a nice effect. Helps to emphasize the interaction.