"Edible Business Cards" was my response to being in Silicon Valley during the Spring of 2000 (that simple, happy time). I was doing a semester sabbatical at Stanford, and all around me people were going crazy, simply crazy. After a few weeks of blatant eavesdropping on frenzied Palo Alto dinner conversations, I realized that these people were not actually talking about technology per se, but rather were in frenzied discussions about business strategies, exit strategies, strategy strategies. All the talk seemed to be about common versus preferred stock, how to structure tax deferred option plans, and an exotic menagerie of three letter acronyms like IPO, CEO, COO. It got to the point where people were ordering a CFO with their BLT.

It seemed that everyone was in love with the idea of the idea, rather than with the idea (got that?). But at some point I realized that I too might be in trouble. After all, as a fascinated witness to this phenomenon, wasn't I, in truth, becoming interested in the idea of the idea of the idea? Maybe I was worse than these people!

To help me cope, I figured I needed to take the whole thing to the next level of absurdity. I wondered what would happen if a really deranged person got bit by this "Internet Startup" bug, and set up their own e-business. The result was

Edible Business Cards!