A simple pen-based shorthand

One of a series of experiments in rapid pen-based text entry on a computer. In this character-based short-hand, each character is a simple shape, and you lift your pen up between characters. The most frequent characters (eg: a,e,i,t,SPACE) are simple straight strokes, and all the other character are bent strokes.

Some of the speed comes from the fact that you can put the pen down again in the same place you just lifted it, in order to start the next character.

If you click on the applet and then type keys on your keyboard, you can see how to draw the character shapes, and you'll get the idea right away.

- Ken Perlin


  • Draw on the applet to "type" characters.
  • Click on the applet to switch between keyboards.
  • Drag or click in the text to select text or place cursor.
  • Type characters on your keyboard to learn the strokes.

Java Source:

DemoApplet extends BufferedApplet
      AlphaDraw extends Recognizer