Buttons/menus Creation Navigating
Selecting Links Stored views

Buttons and menus:

Some of the commands can be reached by clicking on one of the four buttons in the corners. Other commands are reached by holding down one of the four corner buttons, to bring up a pop-up menu, and then dragging to one of the items in that pop-up menu. The four buttons in the corners are called, respectively:

select zoom-in
home zoom-out

To create things:

To navigate:


To use stored views:

When you hold down the home icon, you will notice a column of icons appears above it. Each of these represents a stored view. A view can also be a home, containing its own set of views. The icon of a view is a square; the icon of a home is a little house.

While you're nested inside a sub-home, you can only pan and zoom to views contained within that home, until you pop back out of it.

Advanced authoring features

To select:

Fancy fonts:

To toggle italic, bold, outline or underline fonts, respectively, use the CNTRL-I, CNTRL-B, CNTRL-O or CNTRL-U keys, respectively.

To create links: