Whiteboard ZoomPad

Experiments with a zooming pad that acts like a whiteboard. It will work on all platforms from a large projection screen down to a PDA.

The two big conceits are that you can pan and zoom by dragging from the border, and that you can create yellow zoomable stick-ems by doing a tap-drag. These are really useful for grabbing, moving, saving, and organizing things on your zooming whiteboard.

I've also started adding in the ability to embed entire program objects on your whiteboard. To demo this, if you type "Hcube" and then hit the ESCAPE key, you import an interactive hypercube.

- Ken Perlin

To draw: drag the pen To create a stick-em box: tap, then drag the pen
To select a color: click on the color palette at the bottom To create a stick-em tab: tap twice on the board
To magnify/demagnify the board: drag down/up on the side borders To grab things under a stick-em: tap on it
To pan the board: drag starting on the boarders To remove a stick-em: tap twice on it
To stick a stick-em in place: drag it off to the border To duplicate a stick-em and its contents: draw a horizontal line through it
To remove a stick-em and its contents: draw a double horizontal line that goes through it and then back

The Java source code is here.