Nested Neurons

I was asked by Mike Shelley in the NYU Math Department to make a simple visualization tool for the topology of neuron connections in the human brain. The brain has up to eight levels of neurons. There are three types of neurons in each layer and there are three types of connections between neurons. I model the layers as rows, the types of neurons as columns, and the three types of connections as red, green, and blue arrows, respectively. Then, just for fun, I make each node a recursive structure of the same type as the entire brain. Conceivably one could model a recursive neural net this way. - Ken Perlin

Instructions: (i) Drag between any two circles to create an arrow. (ii) Hit the `r', `g', or `b' key, respectively, to set the arrow color. (iii) Click on one of the small boxes to zoom into it. (iv) Click off the edge of the box to zoom out again.