A Look Inside Mobility Agents
Code Improvisations : Hatch Tool


Adding a hatch mark to a line.

The hatch mark remains perpendicular.

The hatch mark on both sides.

The hatch mark jumps side to side.

The center line jumps side to side.
Double Klee

Two lines and two hatch marks.

The 6 applets presented here are exceprts from Mobility Agents - an artist book and software project by John F. Simon, Jr.
that is now being published by The Whitney Museum of American Art and Printed Matter, Inc. The software makes these tools and many others available for exploration in a fully functional drawing program.
These code improvisations are drawing exercises. In his own work, John uses a drawing tablet and software to draw with lines in motion. He discovers the kinds of marks and drawings that are possible from combining his hand gestures with his software drawing tools.

John first started experimenting in 1989 by making small variations to simple code statements and observing the wide variety of resulting marks. Sixteen years later he is still discovering new lines and motions.


View a small portfolio of drawings.