Gate Pages :: December 01: MTAA


MTAA (M. River & T. Whid Art Associates) is a New York City based conceptual and net art collaboration of the artists Mark River and T.Whid. Their motto is "Meaning in Misunderstanding". Their work has been described as "[focusing] on performative, participatory acts of commodity exchange via an online hub" in which "projects do not discriminate between physical and virtual object status, but are more concerned with how artistic value is ascribed to remnants of online processes." (boy--what a mouthful ;-))

Group exhibitions include: "The Art Entertainment Network", Walker Art Center; "Three Suitcases", Art & Idea, Mexico City; the curated publication "9/9 Review of Practical Art", Paris, France; "Use Nor Ornament", The Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sunderland, UK; and "Tipping Point", White Columns, New York City. MTAA's online artwork and more information at MT Enterprises WorldWide