Gate Pages :: December 03: Ricardo Miranda Zuniga


Ricardo Miranda Zuniga grew up between Nicaragua and San Francisco. His personal perspectives and ideology have been molded by a bicultural reality consisting of such polar elements as Disneyland and the Nicaraguan Leftist Revolutionary movement. Tied to a multi-disciplinary education, his background has led to work based on a twofold principle: to approach communication as a creative process that seeks interaction and dialogue; and to investigate how economic realities formulate not only the world we live in, but more importantly, the lives we lead. Ricardo combines computer-generated art with sculptural vehicles to transcend the monitor and achieve powerful social metaphors that investigate issues of globalization. His work exists in both the embodied public space and the virtual space of the Internet. Recent projects have been supported by Franklin Furnace,, Harvestworks Media Center, Exit Art, the Bronx Museum, Daimond Media Center, NYFA, and the American Museum of the Moving Image. Ricardo is based in Brooklyn, NY, and currently teaches in the Art Department of The College of New Jersey.