Gate Pages :: December 05: The Port :: Simon Goldin & Jakob Senneby


The Port is a community driven space inside the online 3D world Second Life. The space is open and accessible to all Second Life inhabitants and potentially to all Internet users. Geographically speaking, The Port exists in a network of many locations, but is also a location in and of itself.

The Port was initiated by artists Jakob Senneby & Simon Goldin in 2004 and has developed in close collaboration with architect Tor Lindstrand. Today, The Port community consists of an international network of over 50 members.

Using The Port as a point of departure we are pursuing a series of investigations into the public potential of networked spheres and the organization of participatory production.

Projects developed at The Port include live music and dance performances, lectures, book publishing, art exhibitions and tv-production. Goldin & Senneby have also initiated a project called Objects of Virtual Desire and most recently the collaborative magazine Flack Attack.