Gate Pages :: July 01: Tina LaPorta


Tina LaPorta is a media artist who lives and works in New York City. Her most recent work has been created specifically for the Internet. She recently received the Web Residency Commission 2000 of The Alternative Museum, where she completed her World Wide Web work Re:mote_corp@REALities. In 1999, Ms. LaPorta received a commission for the creation of Distance, a web-specific work hosted on Her work has been included in the exhibitions "Telematic Connections: The Virtual Embrace" (2001) the "Technically Engaged" show at AIR Gallery, NYC (2000); the "Dystopia and Identity in the Age of Global Communications" exhibition at Tribes Gallery in NYC (2000); and in "Body as Byte," at Neues Kunstmuseum Luzern, Switzerland. Ms. LaPorta has been invited to participate in several symposia and on-line projects, including "The Warhol Hijack," at; "Gender in New Media," an on-line Panel at the "INVENCAO: Thinking The Next Millennium" conference, Sao Paulo, Brazil; and "Alterities: Interdisciplinarity and Feminine Practices of Space" at the Ecole Suprieure Nationale des Beaux Arts, Paris, France.