Gate Pages :: July 03: Shu Lea Cheang


Shu Lea Cheang's latest net art project, Garlic = Rich Air, launched at the 50th Venice Biennale on June 15 and continues through November 2, 2003. An accompanying large-scale installation is exhibited at the Palazzo delle Prigioni, Castello 4209, San Marco. Two other new works by Cheang, Burn ( and RichAir2030 (, are also presented at the Venice Biennale, in "Zone of Urgency," curated by Hou Hanru.

Shu Lea Cheang's work has been exhibited in two Whitney Biennials; at the InterCommunication Center (ICC), Tokyo; at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; The Project, New York; the Palais de Tokyo, Paris; FACT, Liverpool, and Public Netbase, Vienna. She created the Guggenheim Museum's first web-based art project entitled Brandon.

net.installation: Shu Lea Cheang
design: Yippieyeah
programming: Roger Sennert
project server: Artstream/Standby program