Gate Pages :: June 01: Jennifer & Kevin McCoy

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy live in New York City. They each received Masters of Fine Arts degrees from Rensselaer's integrated electronic arts program. Together they have created a body of work that engages in a conversation with automation which begins with their collaboration and extends to the viewer, often resulting in interactive or self-authoring artwork. Group exhibitions include "Greater New York" at the P.S.1 Center for Contemporary Art, "Tenacity" at the Swiss Institute of New York, "Subject to Sound" at The Rotunda Gallery, "The Art Entertainment Network" at the Walker Arts Center, "The Skin Game" at Smackmellon Studios, and "Tomorrow's Home Today" at The Manchester Museum of Science as part of the ISEA festival. They have shown both performance works and installations at the Postmasters Gallery. Screenings and online works have been presented internationally at arts festivals in countries including Poland, Japan, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Holland. In 1999 they received the New York Foundation for the Arts grant in computer arts, a Jerome grant through the Walker Arts Center, and were artists in residence at the Worldviews program at the World Trade Center and Harvestworks Media Center. In 2000 they received a commission from The Alternative Museum in New York City to produce '201: a space algorithm,' a web-based art project. Articles about their work have appeared in Spin Magazine, Feed, and The Independent.