Gate Pages :: October 04: Ursula Endlicher


Ursula Endlicher is a multiple-media artist working at the intersection of Internet, performance, and installation art. Since 1996, she has been keeping a critical yet humorous eye on the intricacies of the online experience, focusing on its technical and social protocols and the visualizations of interface. Her most recent web work, "Famous For One Spam" (2004), repurposes the overload of SPAM email. Another piece, "Web Performer II" (2000), lets the user choose and bring to life different characters in a play via search engine results. "Web Performer" (1999), the 'prototype,' turns your browser experience into a stage full of characters searching for their online identity.

Endlicher's artwork has been presented in Europe and the U.S. by THE THING, Channel13/WNET online, Postmasters Gallery, and the Austrian Cultural Forum, New York. In 2000, she was a guest lecturer at the Banff New Media Institute, Canada. Born in Vienna, Austria, she has been living in New York since 1993. She received an MFA from both the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and the School of Visual Arts in New York.