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canadian bean soup 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 fnord 23 23 23 23 23 23 Sometimes you have to go with the cool answer even if it is wrong The Wrecking Crew rules the worldd, Ski are yyou out there The Wrecking Crew rules the worldd, Ski are you out there ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;A NEW DAY DOESN'T MEAN THE WORLD IS CHANGED, IT MEANS THAT AFTER REST THE SLEEPER WAKES RESTORED AND READY TO DEAL WITH THE NEW DAY - THE WORLD DOESN'T CHANGE DURING THE NIGHT, THE SLEEPER IS SUPPOSED TO. ADEQUATE SLEEP AND PRAYER WILL ENABLE ANYONE TO DEAL BETTER WITH THE WORLD ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;THE WRITERS OF THIS SENTENCE NEED TO SOME PHILOSOPHY AND THEOLOGY...............ANYONE WHO SAYS "THE SAME SHIT EVERYDAY" IS PROBABLY THE SAME PERSON EVERYDAY DEVOID OF ANY NEW THOUGHT, ANY NEW GROWTH, ANY NEW SELF DISCIPLINE, ETC, ETC. AND THEN THEY WHINE. HOW CAN ANYONE CARE MORE ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS THAN YOU DO YOURSELF!++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ It was in the summer and I was in the trailer sticking from my forehead was nuclear warhead and the rain began On earth we find simple pleasures that deny us the chance to possess ignorance like no other creature can. We think but do not feel beyond ourselves and those who are reflections of what we think we are today We think but do not feel beyond ourselves and those who are reflections of what we think we are today Charlie Bell was here and Chris Campbell and Mike Lueke and Frank Ward Something along the same lines My "NewsPage" ============================================================ This project started out as a critical analysis of modern news media and the New York Times newspaper. The original idea was to explore the way meanings were created by the New York Times through the use of language, image and format. However, I became very interested in creating something that had a life, something that was out in the world, and something that offered a solution to the way that I felt that modern news media were shaping the identity of the planet. This shift in interest became apparent when I moved beyond a formal analysis of the New York Times and began to come to understand the deeper function of the newspaper and the problems involved with this aspect of the newspaper. I began to see the newspaper as an object that had come to serve a function as a definer of social realities. We all look to the newspaper to come to understand the accepted behaviors, the social structure, and the limits of our position in our society. These functions were once the responsibility of the tribal shaman, the priest, the bible etc. Today, we must rely upon the mega-corporations, which produce and control news media, to fulfill this sacred task and this realization is what inspired my senior project. It was my intention to produce an online newspaper that would offer a more humanistic, and thus more realistic, picture of our social reality by allowing each person the ability to submit there own news stories. The form of this online news paper was an adaptation of earlier studies of the construction of meanings in which I took the contents of the New York Times and fused it with the vernacular of some common consumer products. It was an attempt to show very directly how I felt about the New York Times and its role as a consumer product owned by news conglomerates. It was my intention at the beginning of this project to comment on the connections and conflicts I found between the production of unbiased news and the running of a business, but decided to reach further down inside the various levels of functions, of modern newspapers, to the social reality issue. It was my intention to offer a solution to the problems that I uncovered and the internet was the medium that offered me that chance. It is a place where I can have my voice, were I have the power to invent and reinvent who I am or what I think, on a daily basis. In an overmediated world in which the rich and powerful are the only ones with the ability to have a voice, the internet stands alone as the only mass medium to which the ÒpeopleÓ have access. My newspaper will continue to change and evolve as time passes, and therein lies its beauty. It is a piece that has a life, that allows you a voice. Senior Project Spring 1995 Mark McPherson ========================


I'm going to write this sentence, and it won't enclude a period since periods are not allowed, however if they were I would put one in Well I am contemplating whether or not I'm going to pass my final lab exam does the state of the universe really depend on this and i just can't express how interesting this all feels almost as if there are hundreds of us in a room together and the noise of our voices is a rhythm that roars louder than any single voice yet we are all speaking in ONE SINGLE VOICE hi, i'm Jamie , and i'm DILLY(Chad ), nathan (Tommy Boy), Valmeyer is cool, all we know is all we are His sandwich pulled itself apart and star worms flew in a million directions at once. His was sore. It seemed needless, wanton, but he put his friend between himself and the butter so the star worms would have something to do on a Saturday night. My mother asked about you during the yellow thunderstorm, but my God! You were nowhere -- everywhere. I sat upright in the bed and turned the pages of my screwdriver. There was nothing but elephants talking in circles, complaining about this, that, etc. We spat into our shoes and sang songs to the grass. I hammered away at the photons with my eyes coupled to a shopping bag, but to no avail. Why has this bread left me hanging? Where is the jelly? I rang the gong for a thirty-fifth time but Hovan failed to appear, just as he had failed to appear right there the day before. I masked my anger with my wings and sharpened my claws on the horns of my gargoyle. Little chips of paint fell upward to the floor where I'd put the handles of my trunk. Hubris, it was, or Jell-O. I sang a song about Feta cheese and they took my bazooka away. Nevermind, I am tired of these games and the scores they keep about me in the Big Book of Little Things. Tiny goldenrod spurs floated into my nose just as I was painting it over to keep things out of my nostrils. I sneezed in my imagination and thought I saw a fracture of lightning pass across my eyelids just before I lost consciousness. into absolute unknown with white wine and friend by side we wonder where from and to where this missive into the white void goes, do question marks count? -- $5 per .5 hr at the @cafe on St. mark's place -- we wish we knew what had come before; our verbal ancestry in this sentence, the context, the flow, if any, of ideas ... how many of our fragments end with"................"??????????------ keep the ball moving! don't let it drop! but, seriously, we think you should consider this suggestion: show what's already been written, or at least what is immediate before the current blank white canvas/screen--You know? ERA UN DIA COMO CUALQUIER OTRO, Y JAMES DANIEL WATTS GARZA SE ENCONTRABA EN SU OFICINA DE DETECTIVE EN REMONTEY, EN EL SIGLO XXI, ,,,EL GENIO DE MONTERREY INVESTIGABA LOS DIABOLICOS PLANES OS PLANES DEL EX VIRREY NOVOHISPANO, FELIX CALLEJA DEL REY AQUEL SER DIABOLICO Y VISCOSO QUE PARA TERMINARLA DE AMOLAR ERA (ES) INMORTAL, TANTO COMO ESTA, LA ORACION MAS LARGA DEL MUNDO ...AND WHEN THE RAIN EXPLODED WITH A MIGHTY CRASH AS WE WERE FALLING INTO THE SUN EN EL DIA DE LA MORSA AND YOU WERE GREAT HEY JUDE MCCARTNEY IS ALIVE SOY ADRIAN RUIZ DIAZ, ENEMIGO DE FREUD Y B F SKINNER GONZALO MARTIN GONZALEZ MARTINEZ ALVARO ALVARADO ALVAREZ ALVERA two days like iceburgs-bleak, blank, half-melting, all frigid, mainly out of sight, and definitely a threat to peace of mind-drifted by and were good to put behind those of us glued and growing in the sticky web of blood and shining silver like the glint on perspiration at the future a family caught up within and out the muddy booted foot and the molecular cloud red heart space ghost and the brown phantom are trained to fly like birds with strengths surpassing that of the average internet heroines most of us are circling and some spinning off into tangents like stretched slinkies are there parallel gods for parallel universes or is it all the same mold here in the cent 20 i guess we're all waiting for godot imagine if someone had stolen Gilgamesh's plant of course burnie said you gotta pick your own layer and that's your bullshit but that's for LaPlants L'image n'est plus qu'un objet de domestication Elle ne reprŽsente plus, elle se prŽsente. Sa prŽgnance est tactile et cinŽnatique, Son point fixe est toufours en fuite. Sa vitalitŽ s'exprime par ses alternances de haute et de faible dŽfinition tŽlŽvisuelle. Elle devient ma rŽaction ˆ une action qui est dŽjˆ faite. Elle n'est plus projection d'ombres portŽes, Elle est rŽfraction d'une information pure sans contenu. Christian Globensky 67 boulevard Mortier 75020 Paris France TŽl.: 40 31 63 43 let's have a party on new year's eve 1999 where we can be our selves and reflect on our evolution and celebrate our conciousness, be naked and free, bang on loud drums and dance in the street of every city and town eat drink and see jerry; Doubnle espress o is finally herer in NY to experiemnt with cool art projects such as this , and now we take off to and all the while I was searching for love.... Maybe there is a misunderstanding First of all, the mere existence of theology and philosophy is proof that it is "the same shit everyday" Philosophy and theology are an attempt to describe and explain the same shit, the universal, infinite shit of the everyday You see, I'm not concerned with personal growth Who cares about personal growth when we all die and this world lives on I am speaking to the world It is the same world everyday, again and again I am speaking about the world I am speaking about world change When is it going to change instead of me?



way out to sanity




Hi, Douglas, we will wait for you tomorrow on the DWORZEC CENTRALNY. Please, be in time in Warszawa,,,

LOvE - Marta + Michiel

for now I know that THE END OF THE WORLD IS COMING and I've gotta tell all you freaks about it so I can stay here while the world's smallest policeman polices the Internet (he's gotta be pretty small to fit in a freakin' telephone line) and now I'm giving the keyboard over to the beautiful Vanna White... Vanna: AND HES GOT A BIG GUN HE HELPED THE MANHATAN PROJECT AND i KNOW A GUY WHO GOES TO SHOWS WHEN HE'S AT HOME AND HE BLOWS HIS NOSE BUT HE DON'T USE SHARK SKIn Damn! Now the version of this thing I JUST DOWNLOADED isn't right Should I add a Picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees & marmalade skies... I'm done now...but not Ringo or John Lennon... Ringo: And I'm sitting here talking to you maggots while our world turns to bile (God help us all) AND YOU CAN USE THIS PROGRAM DAY OR NIGHT so turn out the lights and go to sleep as we play some relaxing TURTLE WAX COMMERCIALS. when she walked in, she said "remember that old joke?" I said "what joke?" Her reply humored me somewhat: "a bigot, a racist and a homophobe walked into a bar, at which time the bartender yelled out "what'll you have Mr. Limbaugh" and of course I laughed and laughed and laughed, until the tears were running down my face, which caught the eye of a handsome young man in the corner who quickly walked up and offered me his handkerchief and put his strong, muscular arm around me, pulling me into the storage room, all the while pressing his warm lips against mine and inserting his sensuous tongue into my mouth, while I could feel his hard penis pressed again me as he inserted first, one finger into my rectum, followed by another, then another, then another -- I wanted to scream out in pain but it felt so good, until he put a little more lube on his fingers, gave me a strong hit of poppers and voilah, his entire hand and hairy muscular forearm disappered up my poop chute and I was in so much ectasy I wanted to scream but and since this is for time eternal cyberspace does that doesn't it do that yes i think, so that the little kids i care about every day can even live to then 2000 and my husband too mothers go and fathers are gone so someone has to be here don't they yes

Well, at last i get to make my contribution, representin london town lovely

Don't u think the size of my font reaslly says something about my personality?

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This is the addition to the sentence from the WRO 95 festival. czy na koncu bedzie slowo ? dawno dawno dawno dawno dawno dlugo dlugo dlugo (ask for translation or not) slonce w moich oczach w moich ustach wiatr gwiazdy we wlosach: MIROSLAW RAJKOWSKI pozdrawiam wszystkich tych , ktorzy sie swietnie bawili na XXXI Rajdzie Ekonomistow '95 z AE Wroclaw , a w szczegolnosci Gosie i Anie ,ktore przeszly ze mna cale gory Sowie SWIERKU byc moze jest to jedyna okazja do wpisania sie w INTERNET_cie,wiec duza buzka dla wszystkich... a couple of thousand monkeys with a couple of thousand typewriters will eventually write a great piece of literature

To byte, or not to byte...

Pawel Misiak
in essence, the truly gratifying phenomena found in the distilled juices of the average Gelfling can not be described, nor experienced, through words alone, but must itself be accompanied by your average consistent chipmunk souffle to allow the exquisite aroma to drift further in to the dark recesses of your personal hell, of which a mere eighty four percent can be obtained through the consumption of a Saltine cracker in essence, the truly gratifying phenomena found in the distilled juices of the average Gelfling can not be described, nor experienced, through words alone, but must itself be accompanied by your average consistent chipmunk souffle to allow the exquisite aroma to drift further in to the dark recesses of your personal hell, of which a mere eighty four percent can be obtained through the consumption of a Saltine cracker and I agree wholeheartedly with the previous point in mind, unless of course it makes me look like a dolt but until the time comes that I can disprove or approve of the previous thought I will go along with my first statment of fact which should in anyones eyes be the better choice of all who wish to entertain themselves by reading the plethora of words and wisdom that spews from within the confines of TWFCS and all it encompasses from conception to its not so finite death but I will have to disagree with this ((((((((((((When will the world change instead of you. Well if we could get all the people in all the wars currently going on in the world to stop killing each other and get on the internet and write whatever they want to even if it doesn't make sense the world would change. Also if people who want the world to change would do something kind for someone - some act of heroism - the world would change. Many people change the world. Some people choose to change the world by obliterating as much as they can of it, but other people rebuild it. It is relatively easy to sit and whine or to shoot something or someone or burn it, but it takes a greater person to clean it up and start over. )))))))))Anyone who whines about "the same old shit" should help someone else. Deliver meals to someone who can't get out, donate time in a homeless shelter, get involved in a meals for the poor program. DON'T WHINE!!!....YOU are in charge of a small part of the world and if you can't change your attitude, why should anyone else?)))))))))When did you last pray. When did you last sit down and talk with the oldest member of your family? When did you talk to the youngest member of your family? Do you ever think of anyone besides yourself? "I know what it all means,at last"he cried(pointed to the stars and quickly died ...................BILL GATES! HE PROBABLY NEVER SAT AROUND WAITING FOR THE WORLD TO CHANGE AND WHINING "IT'S THE SAME OLD SHIT EVERY DAY." HE CHANGED THE WORLD!!!!.................................... flowers,flowers,fragrant flowers, floating freely falling forever fulfilling fantasies for fabulously fortunate fellows finally finding fondling fairly fortuitous for finely furred fractures freeing future fanciful freeloaders from facing fecund froths pero, dov'e la montangna del mei sogni; qual'que giorni e troppo difficile a vedere , , unless of course this sentence ever ends, which is entirely unlikely, seeing as how it seems to just ramble on and on and on and on and on and on, like a meandering river, not that to meander is a fault, in fact I kind of admire the urge to do this project in the first place, and I wonder whether the end result will look anything like Gibbon's _The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire_, since that work seemed to consist only of one continuous sentence, but for now it's more along the lines of "riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, through swerve of shore and bend of bay," bringing us by some sort of recirculation (recircoolation) back to the beginning- which is, of course, the entire objective of this project- to see where this ends up; but most of the bits of the sentence aren't entirely coherent or clear, especially after that _Newsweek_ write-up when all the clueless newbies hopped in like so many lemmings, but nevertheless a lot of extremely distinguished people have participated in the project (among them, I am to understand, Vytautas Landsbergis, the former head of state of Lithuania, about whom I am currently writing my B.A. paper- a paper which focuses on the role of nationalism through the Lithuanian "Singing Revolution" and until the present day, when the Lithuanian Democratic Labour Party- the reformed Communist party under Algirdas Brazauskas- defeated the Sajudis coalition led by Landsbergis in the Seimas elections of October 1992) and have contributed a lot of material of considerable merit, nevertheless I fear that my own contribution (which ends with the word "grade" coming up soon) might not make the grade, Neka zivi Lijepa nasa - Hrvatska XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX and as it were it is now our or my time to add to this sentence which I just stumbled on today reading the magazine "Internet" and by gosh I am startled that Poland is a major contributor to this sentence because I was born there 22 years ago and live now in new jersey, america and I would say in this time capsule and history taker and news writer of a long sentence i would like to add: Pawel kocha Christine, i Christina kocha Pawla, together forever in love and in dreams OXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO and the sentence gets shorter and shorter, and less comprehensible so we«ll(Thorhallur & Asa) increase the inclarity and write some stuff in icelandic:"Hljods bid ek allar helgar kindir, meiri og minni, mogu Heimdallar!" which is of course the language which the inhabitants of Iceland use to worship their gods, but more about that if you contact: , but that's a priest of Odin, who doesn't like to speak too much, so this will be the end, let's get back to what we were talking about,: ,but the most important was in Icelandic, so we«ll put it up in a more international language: *********************************************************** THORHALLUR + ASA *********************************************************** ASA + THORHALLUR *********************************************************** I guess everyone understands that, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ *********************************************************** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~7~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~7 7~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~7 7~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *********************************************************** @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ êsland ßarf aÝ vera meÝ ’ ßessari fr‡b¾ru setningu! :) and people keep breaking the rules and using periods that is not fair one isnot supposed to do that however it does seem a bit sexist to not allow periods was that on purpose after all without periods where would women be and without women well we all know where you men would be not having women around to screw never stopped you if you love somebody, set them free ETIWANDA GENERATING STATION consists of four conventional, oil and natural gas fired, generating units and one peaking unit which is fired by jet fuel and natural gas The plant is located in a predominantly industrial area of Etiwanda California The first two of the conventional units, with a net generating capacity of 264 megawatts, were placed in operations in 1953 The next two units were built in the early 1960's and have a total generating capacity of 640 megawatts Almost all of the electricity produced by Etiwanda comes from these two units The peaking unit was installed in the late 1960's and has a capacity rating of 110 megawatts During the 1980's, when nuclear generating units came on line and third party suppliers began to take away some of our market share, the production of our units dropped off dramatically As a result of the loss of market share, our smaller units 1&2 were placed on standby status Our larger units 3&4 operate in a load demand following mode which results in routine cycling and a higher frequency of unit start ups and shut downs This mode of operations has contributed to a higher cost of generating electricity through lower unit operating efficiencies and to greater operating and maintenance costs Today we are faced with the challenge of improving every aspect of our business in an effort to continue to be a provider of electric power The electric utility industry continues to face the prospect of competition To survive in a competitive climate, at ETIWANDA GENERATING STATION, we must prove our viability as an asset to the Southern California Edison Company by producing electrons at a competitive price To be successful, we must thoroughly challenge every aspect of our business, constantly assess our assumptions, and continuously improve in our performance As the production capacity from the wholesale competitive market continues to grow, innovative and aggressive efforts from all of us will be required to ensure that we produce electricity at a competitive price We are aiming but the penguin was not long enough, and needed more time in the dryer (which was rather dissapointing, considering the tag read "Warning: exposure to moisture will cause immediate combustion and loss of breathing priveleges"), so I was forced to use aquatic avian substitute (ie: a large man in a suit) This is the morning Oh BOB how can I even say what I mean? There's alot of space between me and the phosphors glowing on my screen. What are you supposed to do with a canary like that? I love being a human. Much better than when I was a catoblepas.

what's this all about

long live the Great Marmot, he is wise and all-knowing, particularly about sunflower seeds full of benevolence for dogs and little children and i thought that a giant must have scratched his head one day and decided that it was possible for me to exist and here i am walking around in his mind dreading the day he will decide that i am impossible after all but the snow must melt and complete its course down the mountain to the sea where man climbed down from the trees and began diving for oysters out beyond the breakers when the atlantic ocean was narrow enough to step across and before the tribe of eve spread out to conquer the archaic peoples the computer is neither a medium nor a tool in the year 2000,my life will be truly ideal; that is, I will experience a time that I had dreamed of when I was seven years old; I couldn't imagine living to see that year arrive,yet my son (Michael P Trop) is now seven years old, and my daughter (Alyssa B Trop) will be seven years old in the year 2000, so I will be especially satisfied in that year Fly to fight, fight to fly, fight to win Could it be more simple As long as you keep your goals in sight, you can accomplish anything Work the system, you can do it Always look out for number one, but make sure number one is you Jack and Kate have older siblings (Mark and Laura) and several friends,like Avedon and Colburn (the dogs) and Calahan and Atget (the cats); they live in Saint Paul with Kimo and Kitty who do art and literature stuff--they sort of tolerate it since it doesn't get in the way very often or at least that's what Jack says This is the world as we know it LOVE IS ALL AROUND ME man, these people are freeeks and i don't know what their problem is this is sick that i'm actually adding on to this damned thing but i have nothing better to do and obviously you don't either else you wouldn't be sitting her reaing this now would you? no that's what i fucking thought so shut the fuck up back the fuck up and leave me alone This is the dispatch if I were the Diety,and I was confronted by my creations, I'd feel like I had a lot of explaining to do

but is this too big?>

(he asked)

wondering where he was and what he was doing so late at night,

so I rubbed my bare feet along the carpet, trying to build up enough static electricity to (ZAP!) you with my finger when you came in the door...

jazz is wonderfully outrageous and full of life and happy and never ever tired GOSAMER GOSAMER MATE LOVE FROM EDINBURGH and this morning Chloe Murphy was born and washed away a bit more of the soul death I died so i am in moscow at this minute saying hello to those around the world who are composing this sacred sentencde douglas davis at the RedLab at Moscow State University em nothing is coincidental, everthing is significant, to what I don't know tired, so tired, so much to do in the present, in the future, where there will be no time, no time so to speak, no space, no place to sit but space, in space, doing a life sentence in a cell in space, in a space without time, in time tired, tired, so little time, no time, there is time in space, but no space, doing time, doing space, in a cell, a life sentence in space, in time with no time, a cell in space, in the future there will be no space, no time but all space and time and so tired, so tired, there is no time, no space in space, but space and time, in inner space, in a cell in space, in outer space, doing time, making time, a life sentence in space and time, revolving, in the future there will be no space, no time in space, but space in time in a cell or Hi, I'm Carolyn and I'm 13 and Miraleste Intermediate school RULES because WE ARE THE BEST and KISS FM is a extremly cool radio station and..........."Ooh, boy, I love you so, never, ever, ever going to let you go, once I get my hands on you, ooh, boy, I love you so, never, ever, ever going to let you go, I hope you feel the same way too" and Jonathan Taylor Thomas is a MAJOR babe because he is SOOOOOO fine and he is the hottest guy on the planet and Chelsea loves Andrew and they would make a cute couple, dont you agree, and Mrs Stouffer is the worst substitute in the world because she knows less about math than the class does and she smells like cigarette smoke and hacks in your face, and hosens rock the world, and Buffy and Panther are in love, and I have a cool turtle who has lots of names like Earl and Stuart and Froggy and Cherokee and Henry and Walter, and Tinkerbell but it ran away because Jenna harrassed it too much and the Lion King is the abosolute best movie of all time, and the Grunt Club SUCKS and the STUART CLUB RULES THE WORLD because it is sooooooo cool and I'd like to say hi to Jenna and Chelsea and Kelly and Landy and Heather and Stephanie and Michelle and Christine and Emily and Elyse and I'd like to welcome Leslie Ellyn Kurt into our world and I'd just like to finish by saying, Hosen is a Dip Squat who probably uses dandruff powder and Kim is a Dinky Mushroom Noodle-O sleepy, like when I awoke in the Dolly Sods under two feet of snow I'm overawed at this marvelous interaction of the world community, I've no idea what I could possibly write which would express the enormity of it all, I'm speachless, of course, sentance-wise, I'm a bit dubious about the excalmation marks and question marks, but I won't tell if you won't, I wonder if this sentance is gramatically correct, I don't think so, I so think that I should stop putting a downer on things, and say a BIG HELLO to everybody, whilst doing so, I'm still overawed by the magnitude of it all, and I'm getting slightly confused about how to continue the sentance without putting in a I haven't got the will power, I need a to finish the sentance, if I spell it out does that cound, I wonder, no, I'd better not try it, just in case, will I be famous now, probably not, Mark Coleman, he was here, because it's not worth not having what you really want you reach out and hold that which you know is true and right HI IT IS MAY, 20 1995 AND IJUST WANTED TO SAY HI TO EVERYONE HERE AND THIS LONG SENTENCE IS A PRETTY COOL THING AND I AM PRETTY GLAD THAT I AM ADDING ON TO IT I MEAN ITS NOT A LOT OF TIMES IN YOUR LIFE WHEN YOU GET TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS AND I HAVE A BROKEN FINGER AND EVERY THING SO IT IS PRETTY HARD TO TYPE AND BY THE WAY DOES ANYONE HERE GO TO PARKSIDE COMMUNITY SCHOOL WELL IF YOU DO TYPE 3434RREETYGH AND I WILL BE WATCHING AND ALSO IF ANY OF YOU FOLKS ARE TEN YEARS OLD TYPE 1122333445RTNVNN PRETTY FUNKY HUH WELL SEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Well hello from sunny and beautiful Austin, Texas -- home of the greatest home spun music and computer genius but don't move here because it's getting too crowded so just come visit for the SXSW music festival or something and then you can go back home not to be rude or anything but if everybody moves here then it won't be as nice as it is FOR A THING TO HAVE MEANING IT MUST COME FROM YOUR HEART, NOT YOUR HEAD . Thought obstrusts the free flow of truth . Life shapes you in the gut as opposed to the head wich must follow the heart thus ex˜perience shapes us and our intelect organises this into what we call experience and hence wisdom live ling and prosper once upon a time there was a princess who drove a transit van to a prison and the knight in a black panda who carried off her feet into a fairy tal which was only as long as the book had pages this story deserved to be catelogued but in reality was only the same as every other love story that has ever been decreed special and everything and there the line is drawn life is like a box of chocalates - full eaten and empty but boy do we have a good time lots of love I hate ratings periods in the TV business they drive me nuts we try to put on a good newscast and then our managers want us to put on this sensational crap to get ratings points oh well soon it will all be over at the end of this month and my husband and i will be off to minneapolis for our vacation with friends thank god remember it's only little pictures in a little box and we shouldn't take it all too seriously I have a thought, but I dont' always understand it because I feel bad about not doing anything all the time ...and the bass player was there on his Harley, so... and here comes a bit of math/art mixture to get on with thoughts and dreams and ideas ... whereby we declare all previous submissions null and void and declare this to be the end of the pointless experiment in futility forever and ever amen for all of eternity etc., etc., etc.
Don't scratch yourself in public when I was going to try and write something profound, but, I mean, why bother? She's burning with optimism's flames! She began making lemon meringue pies anyone who sees this sentance is a waste of time shoud not be reding it: especially any english teachers, or those who constantly correct and at first sight I fell in love with Larry and I think he felt the same way for so many years hello and kia ora from Aotearoa where i find myself colourfull in Autumn and forever in love with Joseph Beuys and poetry and art and anything that helps me to make sense of it all or all that allows me to revel in perpetual non-footedness hello and kia ora from Aotearoa where i find myself colourfull in Autumn and forever in love with Joseph Beuys and poetry and art and anything that helps me to make sense of it all or all that allows me to revel in perpetual non-footedness And my name is Isabel (in Auckland) and I am obsessed by the un-linearity of time and history and life so it seems and we wondered aloud at the fog enshrouded columns of the Golden Gate, which option should we choose and if we choose wisely, would we one day move to Cleveland or if we choose not so wisely, would we suffer the life of a workaholic living in Russian Hill on a healthy salary but an unhealthy love in fact we're still wondering and .......still, the serenity of the fog is undeniable and nothing beats the comfort of a run to Baker Beach with Larry Adams to touch the big rollers of the mighty Pacific and revel in the beauty that is the Bay Area but realize that working all the time makes it hard to enjoy this place and working all the time is what the economy here is all about how else could we afford to put up efforts like this and does anyone really care that calculating the number of "hits" to a Web page means NOTHING........ And So how does this work, i just press this I really need to share this with the world; yesterday I saw a bumper sticker that said DAMN THE OBVIOUS--EMBRACE THE ABSURD and I felt, in the instant that I read it, that my life had been revolutionized by the wisdom of that concept, it is the principle behind The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything and now that I have Embraced the Absurd, my life will never be the same--**JOIN ME** what we have here is failure to comunicate-G n' R, shannon wrench loves ray fischer take the chance of love & life, you might just like it ONE IS THE ONLYEST #


this is such a great incredibly long rambling sentence, and I get to add to it, even though I really don't have anything of value to add to it, but of course once I found this I had to add something to it, because its such an amazing opportunity that it brings up the question of whether this would still be a sentence if someone, like me, were to embed a


but, of course the table is only formatting and this sentence runs right through it,

but only if I didn't screw up the HTML code, or forget what I was writing, not that it really matters since this became a run-on a long, long time ago, but who said that the sentence had to be grammatically correct, because it certainly wasn't ME, because I am having to much fun putting really weird formating on my part of the sentence, and I though that I could do something really nasty and make the text of everyone who adds to this do something like blink, but that would be nasty, so I thought that I would quit before I screw up and do something like that by accident, so I hope I didn't really screw up the formatting, and if I did I'm sorry, and if I mispelled stuff, I'm sorry, and now its up to you to continue this,

but, I'm going to contine, because I checked and I discovered that I screwed up and my table has no lines, which is really a bummer, but whats worse, my link is all screwed up because I made a mistake, yes, I actually did something wrong, so if you wanted to follow MY link you would get an error, which I don't like, because if someone were to try to sneak a period into this it wouldn't be ME, who now has two links if I didn't screw up too badly, this time, and now I will let you take over, and continue this amazing sentence,

then twiddling my twat, I watched her huffing and puffing to blow all of my illusions away , and she said: this sentence is self-containing, and furthermore, it is self-wriing:

and so I closed my eyes and said: "But don't you know? The entire Web is one long self-containing sentence, with neither top nor bottom, beginning nor end. It contains all we think of and all we believe and if you believe this load of crap, you're sicker than I thought! and then MrsBarb from the buckeye state came up to me in and in a flash said and the hypermasculine Dervish lover of the King's daughter was stripped, flogged, and humiliated by the inclusion of his name in a registry of patrons of the Opera; while suddenly, as she ate the subtle salads, the intriguing potages, the work of many hours and days -- the yams came tumbling down from the hills, disrupting the Court; the cook vowed never again to mix dandelion seeds with guava paste -- the Queen's fat little Pomeranian belched with abandon, inspiring a season's fashion in spirited flatulence... as evening drew near, she began to feel the urgent malaise of puberty swiftly fleeing and the burdens of womanhood awaiting her delicate shoulder; regarded with skeptical amusement by most young men of the Court, her liason with the Dervish had convinced her that, contrary to her naive expectations, her cast-off hair could be sold in the marketplace at a very high price, bringing much-needed revenue into her father's coffers, a happenstance which much endeared her to the Ministers -- Name's Kelly Mahon and I'm enjoying tthe net and all its recources so that some of my favorite pastimess is cmessing round with my computer and i'll bet its yours too since you're reading this or at least sumbitting your own so keep a writingg the music that I heard from the way this fho wjoi ddddd eel hovercraft being bowl of shat stuff jiiflks too much zima even the vanilla pony wretched neath pomeranian jumpsuits folding his hat under the thick plod of his iron shoes never forsook or had the chance to tie the branches under the cupola liquid and Falstaffian

a (slight) pause for reflection
Small unemblematic developments happened to be happening to Tiffany all the time. She squated over the blowhole resignedly fanning herself with a 1952 clothbound copy of Henry James's 'The Bostonians'. "I hope those dancing bears and clown college administrators get here soon or my career as a acrobat is OVER." Lettuce colored bandages fell from the skies as she held tightly to the bucking sea cow. 'Madre!, Dio mio!", she wailed, the aching in her heart and in her pants was not lessening. She regretted her decision to leave medical school and sign with Sea World. She now lived for cake. The dog barks at noon i am not a god so I huffed and puffed and blew myself down, Cazzo, non ho parole, anzi, una c'e' l'ho appena avuta: questa idea e' Incredibile, Spontanea, Geniale, e ho quasi paura di toccare il tasto punto=fine, ma voglio solo dire all'umanita' che amo Stefania, e che "c'ero anch'io" Whenever I hear the precepts of neopseudological-positivism, I think of spontaneous combustion; Thusly, in the ways of the ancient squirrels, the prophesy is fulfiled, the circle is complete; In two and a half years (unless I forgot to carry the seven) all this shall pass, and we may all collectively frolic in fields of SPAM© and iron filings (Then again, I could be wrong) it is god that has condemed us to the race for cybersace let it be known it must be in the favor of the human race for look at the time wasted on something which does not exist farther than the 110 wall socket and there I was, mowing some electric underpants with a used string bean We're slowly killing ourselves again. You would think that we would remember our past lives and do something different this time... Maybe cyber space will release the God in us to do something good. Words alone are not enough--look at politicians and lawyers--they might get O>J> off. NO WE ALL NEED TO DO SOMETHING! What should we do? Do unto others as we would have them do unto us. I think I'll buy you a beer mate. Then we will talk and I'll think up something else to do. Whether the weather be hot, or whether the weather be cold: we'll weather the weather together whatever the weather. This drive-by-addition was a spontaneous thing brought about by a random perusal for the devil. The searcher says that the devil and his history could be found within. But I see no devil or his minions. But that is how the devil works: in very discreet ways, n'est-ce-pas? Bien sur! J'espere que vous m'apprecie! Was that valid? Hey I can ramble with the best of them. And do know from whence I hail? London, Ontario, Canada. That's where. I'm still young, but I know my days are numbered. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and so on. So I make the best of it. I am a novice. I am. I am. That's all I ever think about is myself. Thats what they say, at least. But I could be famous, and you wouldn't know it. Well now you do. And so I bid you adieu. Adieu. LOTS OF MALAWIANS ON THE INTERNET BUT NO WEB SITES IN MALAWI WE WILL WAKE UP SOON AND TAKE THE DEVELOPED WORLD BY STORM tie the black axe not your nose,no,, guilty realizing that the world is an infinitely stupid place and that there's no way to get out of it, ever, and we're all stuck in this awful, horrendous place with nowhere to go and no way to get out of it before realizing that we're being really redundant ever since the time we got this is a very cool sentance O.J. is innocent O.J. is innocent O.J. is innocent O.J. is innocent O.J. is innocent O.J. is innocent O.J. is innocent O.J. is innocent safe and to explore and discover and create and enjoy no worries no grief baka mitaina seikatsu ...but what not to be will be what is here... when you start on your journey to pythia it will come to the attention of the gummed doughnuts that popcorn juggled frankly by 3-armed weiners leaves delicate stains on my 4-year-old's enormous soap bubbles. billy the kid birthdonkey cake folded then crumpled Viginia into the whaling wall ensconced nicely between the tweed lever and varying degress of evil soap I made a hole in my left-hand trouser pocket and, when I was sitting in class, I carefully pulled my penis through it so I could sit there and hold the whole length of my penis in my left hand and nobody would notice what I was doing... I twirled my fingers around and around the head of my penis in my pocket, making erotic feelings shimmer through it, making my balls churn and squirm and making my ass get hot and wet with sweat... I fiddled and twiddled and rubbed and tweaked at the head of my penis and it began to sting and sting with feelings I could hardly bear, it was so stiff that it was hurting, but I went on rubbing and the juices began to ooze out of it and soak into the fabric and sometimes the lesson would end and I would have to stagger out of the class with a big bulge in my trousers and maybe you could see a wet patch starting to appear on them, or sometimes I would get to my climax and my legs would go stiff and I would let my penis squirt out its hot liquid into my pocket as my ass squirmed in my seat and I enjoyed my first or second or maybe third orgasm of the day... I was constantly on heat, my penis erect and in my pocket, I couldn't leave it alone... ...then I touched his hand and asked Rhalib back to my room the next night, I had just got out of the shower when he arrived and I wore only a towel, he wore his Arab headgear, a black vest and his Arab "skirt"...we sat on the be continued..... vest and his Arab "skirt"...we sat on the floor and he wanted whisky and a cigarette, I kissed him and he felt slim and yielding like a woman, he asked if I wanted "jiggy-jig" and I said yes so we got on the bed, he took off his wrap and his underpants and his slim brown body lay on the bed clad only in his tight little black vest, I took off my towel and I was naked, I saw his long brown penis between his slim smooth brown thighs, I kissed him on the lips like he was a girland held him to me, his hand went down and he held my penis and his own in the one hand and moved slowly , carressing and rubbing our two penises together, his long and brown with a small dark head narrower than the shaft, mine pale and with a rounded red glans and a big pouting hole in the end, we lay there and he fondled our penises and I kissed him and it felt so good...... Salut comment ca va hello to all the AFSers around the world, this is Celine fromm France (Texas 93-94) Love y'all zot hi trumati hatznua meeretz hakodesh lamishpat haarokh bioter baolam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool-- twice in one week. Hey from Houston, Tx. I sat down to write something that would change the world. Then I realized by the time I finished this the world would already have changed on its own. A thought came very soon there after may be it's not change that is important maybe it is growth. Change is inevitable growth is the option. But then who gets to decide what is good or bad growth? I think I'll have another beer and grow some more. Good night God. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I like Jelll-o ,reach me at cold, I'm in an air-conditioned box; suspicious of mass-consciousness via keyboard collage, it's a nice idea though, all of us pecking together/alone Submit Hi, I am Tim... see Rhalib stood there with just his small black vest on, slim hips like a girl, brown skin smooth and shining in the light, his lithe legs, naked thighs, a few dark curls of pubic hair and hanging there long and smooth, his long brown penis, I sat on the bed naked, my legs apart, genitals hanging down, open to the cool air, I reached out and my hands cupped the small round cheeks of the boy's bum and pulled him towards me, my tongue reached out and touched the tip of his sex, dark purple glans emerging from the folds of foreskin, I tasted his warm sexual flesh, the rounded head of his penis with the small hole my tongue explored the shape and feel as Rhalib became aroused and his penis began to lengthen, I took the knob into my mouth, my lips closed around his penis as it throbbed and became erect, his hips moved and I let him push his penis into my mouth and then draw back, my lips and tongue tightly sliding over his shaft, now I lay back and he was over me, his hands on the bed and his young hips thrusting his penis into my mouth, fucking me, but gently, slowly, enjoying every move, taking his time to build up the sexual excitement in his loins as I sucked and licked and squeezed on his long erect brown penis, sliding in and out of my mouth in long sensuous strokes, his balls tight and round sometimes brushing my chin as he thrust into me, and I lay back and enjoyed the boy's sexual passion, my legs splayed out wide and my penis rising up with lust between them, imagine the sight of me lying back naked under that Arab boy, his bare bum thrusting away over my face, kneeling with his legs by the side of my arms, and me with my legs out wide and my big white penis standing up straight and swollen with lust, the rounded red knob pulsing with sex, the hole pouting and dribbling clear sticky fluid, two rampant males on heat, satisfying their animal lust on each other's bodies, then his thrusting got faster as he neared his climax, his penis pumped in and out of my mouth, stiff and trembling with pleasure as he cried out and his body went rigid and he started his ejaculation, his penis squirted out his hot sperm into my mouth as he moaned and enjoyed his orgasm to the full letting his penis spurt over and over again, the hot sperm filling my mouth, swallowing his come, feeling his penis in its ecstasy just pissing out his sperm into my mouth, feeling the whole length of his warm penis squirming and coming and pissing, the sperm running out of my mouth, dribbling over my chin and onto my chest, the boy's sperm all over me, and he sighed with pleasure as the waves of orgasm left him drained and satiated, he slowly rose up from my face, withdrawing his long dripping penis from my mouth, then he waited, as my hand went down to my erection and I began my masturbation, sliding my hand up and down my shaft, slippery with juices, as I stroked he stayed over me, his penis right there, hot and steaming, drops of sperm falling onto my lips, my tongue could reach it and taste him again, he moved around so his penis rubbed over my cheek, over my face, over my eyes, that long fleshy brown penis, spreading the sperm all over my face as I masturbated myself to to a shuddering orgasm and lay back and let my sperm run out of my penis as I milked it and came with the boy's penis rubbing over my face... This is the ship of pearls poets feign- Sails the unshadowed main. The venturous bark that flings On the sweet summer wind it's purple wings. In gulfs enchanted where the siren sings And the coral reefs lie bare- Where the cold sea maids rise to sun their streaming hair. Build thee more stately mansions Oh my soul As the swift seasons roll Let thy low vaulted past Cover thee with a dome more vast Till thou at length are free- Leaving thine outgrown shell by life's unresting sea. one of my favorites Stolen from R.L.S. by M. R. F> does this thing work or not... it comes to my attention that it is better to have it and not need it than it is to need it and not have it, I so feel i hate being sick during finals is this a joke or what, what the fuck is going on here, I said WHAT THE FU ....where did he go?? how do you switch of this stupid thing...I'm going to the toilet to masturbate, do you want a detailed description ?? wanking wan king won king won ding mon ding mon dick bon dick big dick why now brown cow not the why nor who nor how it is all to just allow, allow all entities to be endowed or he who is most edowed , allowed the cow, All right I was up all night to the sound around, that's when I found a hound who made no sound at least alloud, why sigh or even cry when ther is a chance to die,fly and wither away to almost NOTHING observe yourself living observe yourself living i/o 360 was here. ..don't you know? although, in fairness, it is not really self-writing; it is selves-writing, or even selfless writing, but how could it be self-wring, when we all know that the writing is being done as the brain directs the fingers to pound away at the keyboard and feel the wonderful tacticle sensations of flesh against plastic as the words appear, first on my screen and then on the screens of the countless other selves who will, unwittingly, nay haplessly, into this vortex, known as the world's longest collaborative sentence, and a life sentence it may well be, because how does one stop without mentioning one's opposition to the death penalty and the awesome need which we all have to commune and communicate with i wonder if this thing is in html format, lessee does THIS work? Basically all of the greatest men in the world are from the Middle east. they are the strongest and best looking guys around and you all love them to death Basically all of the greatest men in the world are from the Middle east. they are the strongest and best looking guys around and you all love them to death Basically all of the greatest men in the world are from the Middle east. they are the strongest and best looking guys around and you all love them to death this is quite enough italics, thank you
so there stop that oh no don't tell me that I can submit from the middle of the sentence he walked in the door, never knowing why, when he walked in the door, never knowing why, when

============================================================================================================================================ Can't figure out what's going on-- I left a mark here and it washed off--Maybe it was the periods that I used before-- That's my life's story-- marked off because of a period or two-- O well, peace love and light world--use this space wisely it may just be the last place of true freedom! ============================================================================================================================================ I think that Jonathan Brandis,Shaquille O'Neal,Eric Nies, Carey Elwes,Jamie Walters,and Brad Pitt are the hottest babes in the world. and then again and again and again we asked ourselves the same question which had to do with our very presence in this rectangle at this time of day in a city in which the heat was the only remarkable vestige of its once flaming presence so we remarked on that as we sat in front of the cool screen remembering hotter fires when screens were only a vestigial memory... ...and yet, and yet.....maybe this was all a mistake. Oh god! If it could only be a dream! This is the nastiest, most annoying and useless Web page I have seen so far! Only a arcane photosynthetic autotroph who was deprived of heroin and other symbolic plant compounds would realize that the only way to complex divinity is through the microscopic view of depraved nudity of some other species which I realize is too much to digest at an evening feast especially when you did not go to the bakery and buy those luscious pygmy brownies made in Detroit by lewd and obscene lithuanian midgets who thought of themselves as rare bi-spectacled lizards of japanese lineage, but i mean, who really cares but those who care for a living, even those that care for a living don't really care but instead cry alabaster tears in the hidden temple of the soul....they spend most of the time living and dying and crying and muttering tantric hymns in the urinals of ancient empires that rise above the horizon only to fall asleep within eyes range Un saludo para todos los que desde cualquier parte del mundo se conectan a esta original idea. Desde Madrid, Espa–a, deseamos a–adir nuestro granito de arena para que en un futuro cercano podamos contar a nuestros amigos de la red que participamos en la frase m‡s larga jam‡s escrita Do you think this is long enough? Wait a minute, or one hour or the time to build another universe...
and sometimes i wonder what it all means, if my home page is just a capitalistic ploy at self-aggrandizement-just a way to become more than i really am, an instant ego boost when i can look at it and say "that's me"; and i wonder if anyone cares, if i make a difference, if i will ever be happy, if i will find that special someone i thought i had found but was only a dream; sometimes i think it can't get any worse but then i think of course it could and apply my imagination and it does get worse and i need an escape and find one in my music (well not really _my_ music, i don't play it, just listen to it) i like trent and tori and tmbg and classical and lotsa varied stuff and it gets my mind off things but it doesn't solve anything and 'kay i luv ya b'bye
breeze through green, leaf-y trees, a balmy 72 degrees, pelvis-grinding blues be it Zeplin or others, a pitcher of Lynchburg lemonade and a hammock -- this defines bliss; Rutgar said it best in Bladerunner -- "The things I've seen ....shall disappear like tears in rain"; "I'll see you again when the stars fall from the sky, and the moon has turned red over one-tree hill"..."she brings me white golden pearls stolen from the sea, she is raging, she is raging, and a storm blows up in her eyes"...shear beauty from U2; and from Robbie Robertson: "Who's gonna bring you a broken arrow, who's gonna bring you a bottle of rain....I'll get to you if I have to crawl"; oh for such care and devotion; I hope you all experience some beauty and/or sense of peace today Life is a 1000 piece puzzle and once you have used all the pieces that came in your box you discover there are 500 pieces missing Malkavians will RULE THE EARTH!!! (and then get bored and give it to some homeless guy on the street--"heya, here you go, have the world--go buy yourself something warm, and get some food, but whatever you do, DON'T GIVE IT TO THE TREMERE!!!!!!!!!!) Malkavians will RULE THE EARTH!!! (and then get bored and give it to some homeless guy on the street--"heya, here you go, have the world--go buy yourself something warm, and get some food, but whatever you do, DON'T GIVE IT TO THE TREMERE!!!!!!!!!!)
but what about the marmosets? Don't they get a say in this?
Catfish is non-sequitur. "Aha!" she cried as she stuck her wooden leg out the bathroom window and waved!
It's not that I'm morally opposed to war in all cases, I mean, you have a right to defend yourself, even if it means shedding a little blood, breaking an arm or two, or jumping out of a tree and stabbing someone twenty times in the chest with a serrated bayonet while shouting "YUO'RE IT!!"
To the City
Kittypeople will RULE THE EARTH!!! (then get tired, decide to take a nap, and foist it off on the Malkavians) And when my cat is pulled out of your nails it will eat itself her body felt warm, desirable next to mine: the overhead spotlights highlight her erect nipple, as my tounge left a wet trail leading from her neck, down, down, around her breast, my mouth covers her nipple; she moans, running her fingers through my hair, my cock is hard, my balls tight, she pushes me away gently, gently, I lay on my back, my sex jutting straight up as she lowers her mouth over its purple mushroom head...i come in a blinding flash of white where cybernauts shed their anonymity and resume human interaction, rejoining civilization while broadening the definitions of culture and responsibility Colin Portnuff Tualatin, Oregon ( one may exclaim, "but I just love to spend time with butterflies", therefore not assuming that a swift blow to the head would correct the situation, nevertheless it happened just the way that I describe it, or maybe not Racer X could kick Speed Racer's ass any day of the week and twice on sundays, therefore I and the


of the passion that burned me through tasted vaguesly of the freakish burning fork in the road to the life that I would
need to live in the darkness of fear of love any more cows in the field of grass that is green and needs mowed every


week because it keeps





and will never stop loving you for you are my one true friend Becky and I don't understand why you won't stop drinking the alcohol it makes me so worried and jealous of you when you are with other men who are not, can not be, in love with you as madly as I am, the fire that holds you so tightly in my arms and never will let you go there down, down, down, down, down pillows are so soft that i must sleep now for I am tired and have spent far too long awake in this world of love and lust and all that is red lights


I didn't see it - I did not mean to scare you! I love you! glad that i was a red blooded american biker type from the heart land named slim who just by chance was going by on his harley-davidson when Hi everyone. :) the twitching bowels of the lord command you to remain rooted to the spot, like some obese mutant puppet sucking nazi, wholly wholly wholly art plastered to the loam couth, ept, ruly, sheveled, and highly sufferable blorgasm painfully enjoying stroking her long, plastic penis with your left pinky, (you love it, slave) as god opens the heavens in a golden shower A is for, a few hours, a keeper, a kipper, a layer, a liar, a lotta, a nice pair, a real bore, a sao la, a tout faire, A&R, aahistah, aaYandah, abattoir, abaya, Abelard, abscissa, accrever, achatour, achaura, Acura, acushla, acute fear, ®¾a, aflutter, africare, afro-hair, Agharta, ahimsa, A•da, air fouler, airbladder, airfare war, Aktorka, Al Fatah, Al Roker albacore, Albert Speer Alcina, Alcoa, Aldona, aleconner, alegar, Alfalfa, algebra, Algenzir, all cower, all dogs are, all men are, alnagar, aloha, alzheimer, amoeba, an or a, Ananda, anaphor, ancestor, And Peter?, and aah-aah, and beaters, and better, and bigger, and bleepers, and blippers, and bloppers, and blotters, and die or, and dumber, and eft sire, and farther, and fingers, and further, and last year, and longer, and rubber, and tear bears, and the raw, and therefore, and thinner, and uh huh, and what's more, Aneta, angina, angora, angular, anither, anitya, Ann Landers annicca, aorta, apehanger, apnea, approwours, arbiter, arbor or, arch-slacker, Arcita, Are you sure?, Are you there?, are farmers, area, armpit hair, aroma, around here, arsch ficker, Aruba, asanka, ass dancer, ass eater, ass kisser, ass ripper, ass spunda, assever, at alpha, atazir, athanor, attacker, Attica, Au Rebors, au contraire, au pair's peers, au sommaire, auncestres, austere stare, avant guerre, avant-garde, avatar, Aveda, avidya, avowtier, aw poor queer, axilla, azalea, azure air, Ba's pressure, baazaar, babeblather, Baby Bear, back breaker, back burner, back to where, back whacker, Backstabbers, bad actor, bad manners, bad mutha, badania, bag-o-wire, bagbiter, bah and pa, balboa, balboa, ball blinder, ball buster, ballhooter, Balthusar, banana, bandanna, bandoola, bannister, Bar Mitzvah, bar brawler, Barbara, barber chair, bare raw rear, bare rear scar, barf rivers, barf-o-la, bariah, barooga, barrier, barrister, Bart Homer, Bas Mitzvah, bassmaster, bastard wear, batterer, Battista, bazonga, be all yours, be Buddha, be here, be indoors, be me fear, be prepared, be water, Bea Arthur bear devour, Beckmesser, Beck;úLoser, Become more?, bed wetter, bedswerver, Beefeater, beep-beep yr, beggestere, behaviour, behind bars, belch chaser, Belle Cordire, belles-lettres, bellweather, Belshazzar, Ben Dover bend my ear, bent over, beobachter, beop twa, Beretta,; Bern Porter beslubber, Best Seller, best beggere, best bidder, Bette Midler better pour, (bewildered), Bic shovers, Big Bertha, Big Bopper, Big Brother, big dipper, big hoo-ha, billig/dyr, billionaire, Billy Shears,; Billy Squier Binaca, biosphere, bip-boom-ba, bird watcher, bird-butcher, biretta, bisy cure, bitchier, bitter teere, bitumba, Black C¾ser, Black Panther,; black baller, black future, black members, blackadder, blackamoor, Blade Runner, blah blah blah, blankmanger, blast the chair, blondes preferred, blood and gore, bloodletter, bloodsucker, Bloom Better, blow chowder, blue baller, blue-collar, boastbusters, Bob Barker,; Bobbitteer, body jar, bogtrotter, Bonanza, bonebreaker, boneheader, bonesetter, bong water, Bongwater, boot lover, boot-licker, bored to tears, boy wonder, boys don't wear, bra rasta, bra-burner, Brad Majors brain your blurs, brain-banger, brainflower, Braun Eva Breakfast Squares, breast cancer, breast teacher, breastsummer, breathe no more, brief flutters, brigadier, brouhaha, brounfellas, Brown Sugar, Bruce Weber, BrŸnnhilde, bubbula, Budweiser, buff bare fear, builta, Bull or bear?, bull bucka, bullbeggar, bum tickler, bumfodder, bump fighter, burletta, burn rubber, burn usa, burn water, Burning Spear, burr bra blare, bury her, bush tetra, bushbeater, bushbumper, butt leather, butt tuba, buttbanger, buttburger, buttscrubber, by the ears, cabala, cabbala, cabbalah, cadaver, C¾ser;'s share, Cagnes-sur-mer, calf-slobber, call letters, calubra, camcorder, came later, camembert, can't clear their, candela, cantata, cardholder, carnivore, carve the air, cassava, cassia, caste no bar, cat color, cataphor, catheter, Cha Cha Cha, chafferer, Chairman Ma, Chanukah, charisma, chaunting clear, cheap labor, cheap sneakers, cheesy shore, chelaundre, Cher's clear claws, Chestnut Mare, chewbacca, Chicana, Chief Bender, chihuahua, chilbladder, childes mooder, chilly here, CHiPs circa, choke-collar, chondria, chopped liver, chowchilla, Chuck Yeager chuleta, chunkmeister, cimeter, cinnabar, cios RyÃka, circular, citing ear, clam chowder, clam slammer, clammier, clancular, clapperclaw, clavier, Claw 'n' Paw, clean the floor, clear chair core, clepsydra, climacter, clit clapper, cloaca, clod-hopper, close the door, closet queer, clown slapper, coal porter, cobweb air, cocksucker, cocktail hour, cockteaser, cognisour, cola war, colcothar, cold shower, Cole Porter collander, colporter, come colors, concolour, confessor, conscience clear, consessor, contessa, coon shouter, Cop Killer,; cop-sock-er, copayva, copula, cordwainer, cornea, coroner, corridor, coryza, coup de coeur, coup de gras, cow-tipper, cows and beer, CPR, crapola, crapshooter, Crayola, crazier, creamy prayer, creancer, creep hanger, crme de la, Cremora, crepehanger, Cristes mooder, Croatia, croix de guerre, crotch grabber, Cruella, crumbsucker, crush under, crystal clear, cucumber, cuddapah, cullendar, cult hardware, culture czar, cum grinder, cumbrella, cunctator, cupola, curb feeler, cures not wars, cuspidor, Cut Your Hair, cut punter, cylinder, cynosure, Czarina, DAR, daazah, dadua, dallier, dambuilder, damp fritters, dancing bears, dapifer, dare enter, dare to care, dark sucker, darsana, Darth Vader dating Cher,; Day Tripper, de-nosed squire, dead mother, dead Santa, deaded on da, debenture, debonair, decanter, December, decenter, deedaar, deep thinker, Def Lepper deflower, deforsor, dehorner, dejecture, delator, delenda, Delilah, delyvere, demeter, Demi Moore demurrer, den showers, depressor, der Alte, derrire, desirer, deve vine law, devotchkas, diahre, Diana, dibbida, Dick fingered?????, Did you hear?, didapper, digiqueer, dike-louper, Dinty Moore, dip blatz beer, dirt dagger, disfavor, disfigure, dishumor, dismember, disodor, distemper, ditch croaker, dizbuster, Do or Dare, Do you care?, do a beer, do better, do dinner, do kia, do-gooder, doc hopper, doe a deer, dog flogger, dog pressure, dogeater, dogg catcher, dogwater, don't bodda, don't bother, don't matter, doomy ugh, door to door, doowhatcha, dope dealer, dotted hours, dove-seller, down under, downpressor, dragged under, draw a dare, dreamcatcher, droopy drawers, drop catcher, drop chowder, dry humor, Dubliners, duckwalker, duenna, dulia, Dustbuster, dyrea, E E Yah, eager ears, ear acre, ear of air, earth mama, earth-cigar, earth-shatter, East Coker, East River, eat me raw, eat spiders, eavesdropper, Ebola, ech oother, edea, edgy stars, eek of heer, eerier, egg under, eggs over, Either/Or,; either ear, Elektra, Elijah,; elixir, emgalla, emplogheda, en rapport, enamour, engender, enna caar, enta da, entendre, epocha, Epstein-Barr,; erector, errata, Escada, escheater, estover, et uxor, even here, even more, everclear, evermoore, ex-Kaiser, ex-kisser, ex-Tonka, exacta, excheator, exchequer, exophor, extensor, extra clear, eyelid stars, ezinesters, Fa-cŽ-la, face dancers, face sticker, facula, fair is fair, fallow deer, far fewer, fare the wors, farfisa, farrier, farthermore, fartknocker, fartmeister, fat for years, fatal flaw, FDR, fear era, fear for Cher,; fear for years, fear of hear, fear of here, feel better, fellmonger, femina, femmier, fer ne ner, fer suckers, ferreter, ferula, feuterer, fewterer, fibula, fibula, Fierabras, figua, filacer, file under, filled with fear, film noir, find funga, find sucker, Finistre, finisterre, firecracker, first in war, firstkeefer, fiscal year, fish finger, fish ladder, fish on sheer, fistular, fit upstairs, five-finger, flag-waver, Flaming Star, Flatliners, flatterer, flea powder, fleshmonger, flip-floppers, floodgater, floor waltzer, flosolver, flour pour, flowmaster, flycatcher, food to care, foot of air, footlicker, for better, for fever, for her fur, for your years, forced laughter, Formica, forther moor, forty years, four fewer, Frank Stella Frank Zappa frankfurter, Franz Kafka Fred Astaire free from flaws, freeloader, french crueler, french tickler, friendly fire, Frigidaire, frogeater, frosty hoar, fruiterer, fryzura, fuck gender, fuck roller, fucks like a, fudge over, fudge packer, fumiter, funkateer, Funny na?, furmenger, furthermore, fuschsia spore, Fynystere, gag order, Ganesha, ganginggear, gannoker, garden claw, gas chamber, gas guzzler, gas huffer, gay basher, Gaye Bikers, gayola, gazungas, geargrinder, geek culture, gefilte, geistiger, gel weller, gelchasser, Gen X;ers, ger-laughters, Gere;'s hamster, Gerhilde, germ warefare, German for, get higher, get it here, get over, get some gear, gheebat or, gibbier, gill-hooter, gillofers, gingefere, ginour, Girlina, girly gear, girnigaw, giz fizzler, gladua, glass boner, glass slipper, glaucoma, glaze-over, glaze-over, glue sniffer, Go gamma!, go figger, go ga-ga, go get her, go Goya, go-nowhere, goatsucker, God flowers, God is pure, God Jr, god butter, God's shoulders, Godly Fere, Godzilla, gold-diggers, gold-diggers, Golgotha, gongoozler, good-natured, goodbye pa, goode fader, Goodfellas, goodlooker, gossamer, gowater, gracias, Granada, Grand Jew-Bah, Grand Puba, granola, gravediggaz, Gray Panthers,; Green Acres, green father, greffier, Greneda, grimgribber, grisamber, Griselda, griz better, grogquaffers, grrrl gubner, Guernica, Guinevere, gum on chair, Gummi Bears, gun powder, gunfodder, gwaan mega, gym butter, gym manners, ha ha ha, had mouse-ear, Haggadah, hair curler, hair dresser, hair dryer, hair farmer, hair in paw, hairy years, hakama, half gainer, Hamburgler, hanaper, hand tripper, hand warmer, hand-wringer, Hans Hotter, haranguer, hardcore gore, harde fader, hardkisser, harpsichord, has big ears, hatcheller, have hooters, He of Haws, he's a whore, head cleaner, (head lowers), headbanger, headhunter, headshrinker, hear her clear, hear her hare, hear her heir, hear her here, hear her huh, hear her purr, heard hearer, hearing ear, heart breaker, heath brunner, heelflipper, Hegira, hegire, Heil Hitler Heimweher, hellcrusher, hellebore, hellhamster, hello deh, hellraiser, hemina, hence they are, hennaed hair, heora, her error, her fair hair, her for fur, her sour hair, her sour tears, herbivore, "here" here, here here, hereafter, heretofore, hernia, Herr Boobser, herrubber, hers all hers, Hershey Bar, heve of harre, Hey meester!, Hey Rama, Hey tiger!, Hezbollah, high ladder, higher cares, higher chairs, higher cheers, higher doors, higher drawers, higher fares, higher fears, higher laws, higher lores, higher paws, higher prayers, higher scares, higher scores, higher spheres, higher stairs, higher stars, higher tears, higher tors, higher whores, higher words, higher years, Hildegarde, Him or her?, him of her, hip-huggers, hir leyser, hitmaker, hizzoner, hlonipa, ho and uh, hoggaster, Hogge of Ware, hold the wire, Holy War, home pepper, hommes d'affaires, homocore, honda twa, horrorcore, horsecourser, horsefeathers, horselitter, horsepower, horseshitter, horsesitter, hosana, Hot Tuna hot and tired, hot mooner, hothouse flower, house burner, house nigger, housesitter, housholdere, however, Howitzer, Hrimthursar, H20, hubby dear, hucksterer, hudsucker, huge goiter, Hugh Hefner Hugh Kenner hum under, hwfla, hyena, I ate her, I dodder, I gots ta, I saw her, I smell ya, I suffer, I Tina I wonder, i sabbah, I'll Be There, I'll grease yours, I'll scratch yours, I'll tell ya, I'll yank yours, I'm all ears, I'm all for, I'm gonna, I'm not sure, I've been there, I-lighter, ich liebe, idea(l)s soured, idea, idler hours, if ever, Ikea, ikura, imbower, immature, in a rear, in arrear, (in despair), in either, in order, in somma, in the raw, in the rear, in their hair, in-over, incerta, incestor, incisor, incumber, Indeed-la!, indenture, India, infanta, ingestar, inhale air, Inkatha, inneaw, inner core, inner ear, inner sphere, innerwear, inquire here, insincere, insofar, interfere, iota, Is that fair?, is a raa, issima, istia, it figures, it layer, it seems clear, it's not fair, jabberer, jabberjaw, jabita, Jack on fire, Jack Spicer Jack the bear, jam lover, Jane Fonda Janyvere, japanner, Jataka, jaw-dropper, jawbreaker, Jean Renoir Jehovah, Jersey hair, jeux de guerre, jewier, Jil Sander, jinricksha, jizz Edgar, Joan Rivers Jocasta, jock fodder, Joe Mama Joe Strummer jogelour, John Jr, jojoba, Jolt Cola, jornada, Joshua, Joujouka, journ-chopper, joyce either, Judge Wapner jugglemear, jugular, juice producer, juniper, Jupiter, just make her, justaucorps, ka-bhookha, kabala, kabbala, kabbalah, kachina, karuna, Katie Beers kavanah, kavehazs, kazonga, kerana, ketubah, kevecher, khemara, kibitzer, Kibumba, kicked upstairs, kid leather, kierowca, Kill Rock Stars, kill a score, Killdozer, Killing Floor, kiltula, kimona, kinder ear, Kiss covers, kiss paper, Kiss: you are, kitty fur, klammerer, Knee-Clubbers, knock the tar, knock-knobbler, know future, Kojaka, koncepcja, Konstrukcja, kookier, kukula, Kurt Schwitters LA Law, La Bamba, La Bruyre, La Scala, La Strada, la-de-da, la-volta, label whore, labor law, lack manner, lackluster, laissez faire, lakhs and crores, lamb's-quarters, Lambada!, lamia, lamina, landlouper, landlubber, lane changer, lank taper, lap dancer, last hurrah, Latina, LaToya, lavender, lavolta, Laws what laws? Le Tigre, lead-eater, leak better, leftover, Legionnaire, legwarmer, lenger dure, leotard, les affaires, Lesbia, Lesley Gore less is more, lŽthifre, lewica, lewisd'or, lief and deere, Life Savers, like rock star, like they were, linear, lisps whispers, (lit is there), little sir, lobola, log roller, log sewer, log-roller, Lolita, Look who's here!, loot and lore, Lord Haw-Haw loud and clear, loutish boor, lovecurler, lovlier, low hangers, low rider, lower tar, Lucifer, Luftwaffe, Lumnia, lung butter, luvafair, lyf may dure, lymytour, Lypsinka, Lyvia, ma as mare, ma rigpa, ma to Mars, m‰chefer, macula, Madonna,; Mafia, Mahatma mainpernor, mainstream more, ma”tre-clerc, make-overs, mal de mer, mallomar, malsama, mama weer, man falters, man quart thwar, man-o-war, manchewer, Manchua, mancurser, mandater, mandator, manfearer, manfeather, manfeeler, manfluffer, manfucker, mangrabber, manhater, manhatter, manhooker, manjoola, mankicker, mankissar, manlicker, manmoa, manmuffer, manmurmur, manmutha, manneuter, mannogger, manodor, manover, manpamper, manpeter, manphucker, mansapper, manshamer, manslapper, mansmatter, mansnacker, manspooner, manstuffer, mansucker, manswaller, manswhiskers, manteaser, mantiger, mantounger, mantua, mantweener, manumpa, manunder, manure, manurer, manvacker, manwaller, manweaver, martial law, Masada, masala, Matsuda, matted-hair, Max Factor, Max Fleisher, Max Klinger, Max Yasgur Mazepa, Mazzy Star, me marva, me wall ears, me-tooer, meander, meat cleaver, meat over, meat water, meatmeister, Medea, Medina, medular, mŽgathre, Mehr Baba,; Melanctha, melisma, members here, memember, merenda, Messiah, met a mere, metamere, metaphor, metayer, meth-jitter, Meyerbeer, mezuzah, miasma, mic checka, Michael Kors Mick Jagger micraner, mid-career, militia, Milk Momma, milk maker, milk plasma, millionaire, mimmina, min nama, mind wanders, mind your hours, mine yours our, minever, miniver, minky star, Minolta, minutiae, mirror-clear, Misella, misfeature, mitella, mixmaster, mixmaster, mo' better, Moc lustra, mock oyster, modena, modern myrrh, moll-buzzer, moniker, monkey paw, mono-ha, mooder deere, moon data, moon starer, moonplastered, Moonraker, More More More, more and more, more major, more moolah, more per paw, more workers, moreover, Moshiach, mother's fears, motte de beurre, Mount Pisgah, mouseketeer, moustiquaire, mouthhonor, Mr Meer, Mrs Muir, much better, muchel moore, muckraker, muddier, muff burger, muff tougher, muffineer, mulciber, murmurer, Murphy Mur, Murphy's law, mush-faker, mushier, Must you purr?, mutterer, muy guapa, My Sweet Lord, my asthma, my center, my father, my potnah, N'Dea, nadeeah, nags bridler, nah naw ne'er, nail biter, name either, nara½a, Naropa, nasal sore, Nausea, nausea, near the far, nebula, neckbreaker, neither here, net-cha-cha, never fear, new Noir, new offer, newly poor, Niagra, niether/nor, nihaoma, nimgimmer, 9 fewer, Nirvana, nirvana, Nivea, No Future, (no answer), no answers, no matter, no odor, no order, no paper, no quarter, no sugar, no threat there, no wonder, noisemaker, Nonjuror, noon oother, nor either, Norm-from-Cheers,; nose odors, nose-bleeder, nosepicker, nostrils are, not appear, not bitter, not we theirs, notepaper, nothing here, November, Noxeema, nullipore, number for, number four, nummular, nuttier, nya nya nya, oakier, occular, ociffer, octalpa, October, odd number, Odessa, odlegÂa, oedema, of others, off center, off color, off kilter, Oh mother!, oh brother, oh yes there, old geezer, old timer, on vapors, on welfare, onager, ondatra, ondoar, one less car, 154, 1der, Ooh-La-La!, opaquer, opera, oppressor, or a car, or aura, or bugger, or fewer, or herefore, or later, or therefore, orator, orb chipper, organza, osela, ossature, our affairs, our ardour, our era, our error, our shoulders, out number, out of beer, out of doors, out wankers, outnumber, outridere, over here, overslaugh, Oxota, ozaena, pa's peepers, pacemaker, Padua, page-turner, pagina, paideuma, painkiller, pairs of pores, pairs of prayers, pajama, pami¶ta, pancaker, Pangaea, Pantera, papater, paramour, pargetter, pariah, parwhobbler, pass over, Passover, patch figures, Paul Anka Paul Revere, Pauly Shore pay cashier, pay per paw, payola, peacemaker, peach melba, pearldiver, peas and war, pedicures,pee pressure, peer per peers, peer pleasure, peer pressure, pen-pusher, pengilla, penumbra, perfecta, Peter Pears petitfor, Petrouchka, phan of Phair Phasipha, Phil Spector phobia, phunk wucha, piaster, pied-a-terre, pieni_dza, pietasters, pig gelder, pig patter, pigfucker, pilaster, pilferer, pill-popper, pillover, pimenta, pinafore, pinchitter, pinking shears, Piotrkowska, piqueerer, plaisterer, planŽtaire, plethora, plethora, plough-jogger, plumppeters, plunderer, pneumonia, poema, poetaster, poetlore, pointdexter, poire poires poivre, Polaka, polar bear, poleclimber, polega, polisser, pollaver, pollenger, polymer, pome-water, pommes de terre, pompadour, pontoon pair, pony-hair, pooge tower, pool filter, poombukar, poompumar, Poor Fucker, poor fella, poor pa's prayers, pop era, pop losers, PopLlama, pork nowhere), porte-cochere, portreyour, posoka, pot sticker, pot-wabbler, Potiphar, pour over, poure scoler, pourparler, powstaÂa, pozycja, PoÂczy¹ska, praktisour, pralltriller, prawica, prayer hater, precentor, precut squares, predator, preferer, premature, presbyter, Price Chopper, prikasour, prince rinser, process hair, profiteer, prolŽtaire, promocja, pronoia, propunger, protracter, prude suckers, prune shitters, przeznacza, pubic hair, pudenda, pudgala, pudina, pull over, pulled over, pullover, puranpur, Pure Guava, Purina, purpesture, puss snagga, pussy fur, Put'er there!, pykepurs, qabbala, qabbalah, qaraar, quacksalver, quasida, Que pasa?, Quebecois, queer horror, queer's sore rear, queerly clear, querestar, quicksilver, quinola, quinona, quintons here, qussor, qwalester, r racer, rabbit ears, rackrenter, radar whore, Rahula, raisin squares, Ramada, ramraider, Range Rover, Rannnn-queeeeeet Beerrrrrr, rapid fire, rare error, rare or raw, rare scar raw, Rated R, raunch somewhere, Raw Power, raw error, raw rear queer, raw rear scar, Raymond Burr,rear ender, Red Lobster, red snapper, red zinger, redubber, reefer here, refer here, rejigger, rŽmunre, Revolver, revulva, Rhett Butler, Richard Gere Rig Veda, right rapture, right-wingers, Ring Of Fire, ring finger, ring raider, ring stinger, Ringo Starr Rip Taylor, risktaker, Ritz Crackers, rixdollar, rm -r, RoadRunner, Roc Weiler, Rock Lobster, rock-thrower, Rococo "R", roll over, romola, Ron Vawter, Roseanne Barr Roshumba rot the others, rottweiler, Roy Rodgers, rozbicia, r—½nica, ruin her, rump ranger, running scared, runt stunter, Rush Limbaugh Russ Meyer ryzyka, Sai Baba,; salad bar, saliva, salt cellar, saltier, Sam Sarah, same manner, samsara, sandever, sans secours, Santana, savannah, savoir-faire, saw raw queer, saw raw rear, saw raw scars, saw sheer shore, saw sheer sphere, saw sour sore, say "Answer", say for sure, saynomore, scapula, scatterer, scence from a, schmoozolla, school bagger, scimitar, scole-matere, score a rear, scoria, scout's horror, scouts honor, scratch on chairs, scrofula, scrotineer, scrutator, scuffed the floor, scumfucker, scummier, scumsucker, se sexta, 2nd for, secular, secunda, seen seer, self-chewed ear, sell it there, semaphore, senatoure, Seneca, September, sequester, sequoia, severed ear, sex worker, sexpower, Shah;'s raw scars, shapechanger, share spare spore, shave the poor, she was war, she-bopper, shed a tear, shed lustre, (sheds a tear), sheep snickers, sheepbiter, sheepchanger, sheer cold sore, sheer pleasure, sheer terror, sheet slitter, shigella, shillelagh, shirt lifter, shit hitter, shit juss' tha, shit on here, shit stackers,shoe-gazer, shoplifter, shorter hair, shot calla, should whether, shower prayers, shrifte-fadres, shunyata, sick and tired, sickener, sickinna, side of slaw, Siegenia, sieze C¾sar silana, siliqua, silk skin paws, silk slammer, sim-sala, Sin harder!, sincere tears, sine qua, sinecure, Singapore, sinister, sinoper, Sir! Yes sir!, sis boom bar, sisseizor, sit down here, sitting here, skankier, skeevier, skin chamber, skinnier, skirt-chaser, skool breakers, skritch of whrirr, skronk better, skrunkier, skule's over,skunkier, Skynda pŒ!, slabberer, (slamming door), slaverer, sleazier, sleep eight hours, sleepwalkers, Slim Fast bars, slipping sear, Slouch either!, slow bumpers, slow learner, Slowfinger, small wonder, smatterer, Smell the fear?, smell color, smotherer, snail-darter, sneeze stanza, sniper fire, snowthrower, snubblitter, so there here, (soap dealer), soap ewer, soap opera, sober cheer, soft shoulder, sole for Tsar, solitaire, solitare, some wafers, somewhere where, somrother, sonata, sonneteer, sore shoulder, Sothic Year, soul brother, soul sucker, sound sleeper, sour flowers, space grinder, space hopper, Spamburger_, spanking sheer, spanking sphere, spankmaster, Spare a queer?, Spare a share?, Spare a spear?, Spare a tear?, spare queer tear, spatula, spatular, speed reader, spelunker, spillover, spimenta, Spin Doctors, spin doctor, spinning snares, spit-bender, splattered jaws, splitting hairs, SpoÂeczna, sprat-weather, spray-splatter, spunk stopper, square and fair, square twista, squeeze rubber, squillionaire, St Elsewhere, StairMaster, stammerer, stand and star, star hooker, star-shower, starchamber, Starfucker, Starpower, stars appear, stars slither, Starsailor, start a fire, stays far clear, steak au poivre, steel benders, Steinbrenner, stepped over, stick to your, sticking a, Stigmata, still stir their, stinkfinger, Stiv Bator stomacher, stone ponder, stop and stare, strappada, streaks and bars, street walker, streetsweeper, strip poker, studmeister, stuffed derma, stuffed Easter, stumera, subbloomer, subboomer, subbusser, subilla, sublunar, subsuber, subsummer, successor, sufferer, suiftliker, sulfur steer, sultana, sum of 4, summer air, summunder, sun cracker, sunblister, sunupper, Super Star, superbooster, supressor, sure i'm sure, swanwater, swashbuckler, swastika, swingebuckler, Swiss wristers, swore saw scars, swore share sore, swore so there, sycamore, syllabaire, szczypawka, ta and ka, taa of twas, tailgater, Tallulah, Tamikah, tangled hair, tarrier, Tawana, tearier, Tears For Fears, tears to spare, teatator, Ted Turner Teekalah, tempura, tendencja, tequila, terrier, test var star, thanallya, ThannhŠuser, That bad huh?, that like were, The Bell Jar, The Breeders, The Diggers, The Figures, The Idler, The Order, The Player, The Rambler, The Scriptures, The Slider, The Spinners, The Swimmer, The Tackster, the chopper, the clapper, the curdler, the flavor, the former, the humpers, the Jamna, the kicker, the last straw, the latter, the other, the thinker, their genre, their thawed tears, Theodore, therbifoore, there but for, there figure, there somewhere, there under, thereafter, they're there for, thgither, thick lover, thick member, thick wrapper, thick zippers, thigh higher, thighmaster, thighrubber, thighs thinner, think cobra, thinning hair, thirst quencher, 13er, this odor, those of ours, thou art there, though more air, thought thinker, three and four, 3/pHair, three-sheep-square, throw dinner, thrown pasta, thump vergers, thunderer, Thurston Moore tibia, tienda, Time Warner, timekiller, timepleaser, tinged with tears, tip-teerer, tit torture, titty bar, Tituba, titular, To Celia, to be fair, to be here, to die for, to expire, to titter, to write far, to-gidere, toad-eater, toe-curler, tongue shower, tongue twister, tons of cars, tooth ninja, Toshiba, Tra-La-La, tra-la-la, transfigure, transgender, transgressor, translator, transponder, Treblinka, tree-hugger, treeslayer, trench warfare, TriBeCa, trifecta, trillionaire, trivia, Trotula, Troubadour, trout trouser, truchella, Trump Tower, truth twigga, truth-seekers, tuft of hair, Tums ultra, Tupperware, turd burglar, turd-licker, turn and tear, turn monster, twa handa, twee twy twa, tweeze no more, tweezed kipper, 24, 2 x 4, uhh uhh uhh, ulega, un deux trois, Uncola, under fire, underspore, unlike aa, unquota, untold hours, up a chair, up-lifter, up_ya, ureter, Uriah, ursŠkya, USAir, usenda, usura, usurer, utterer, uvula, uvulva, Uwaga!, Va Tosca!, vacant stare, vagina, vairs azure, vanilla, vaporer, varia, vavasour, veer no more, vein drainer, Velveeta, verb rather, verge of tears, Vesulka, vibrator, vice versa, vichyssoise, viewspaper, Vin Scelsa, Vince Foster, Vinnia, virtua, visionnaire, viva la, Vladimir, vodka were, volupeer, voluper, voobaha, (vuh-ji-nuh), wadada, waheena, wahoodler, waiting for, wallflower, wallpaper, walls have ears, WankStoppers, Ward Cleaver, warm moisture, warmaster, warp drive stomper, warrior, Warszawa, wassailer, wasted years, watch out for, watch the wear, wave-lover, Wayfarer, wayfarer, we are your, we don't care, we're hella, weaselmire,weed-killer, weep bubba, Weight Watchers, well sorta, well uh-huh, wellwisher, were nowhere, were: nowhere, WesoÂka, wet getter, wet sneakers, wet whiskers, What a dur!, What suckers!, whatever, whenever, Where to score?, where there are, Where's Bhabha?, Where? O where?, wherefore here, wherefore there, wherever, which wristers, whip whippa, whipped simmers, whiskey sour, white-collar, Who was Ra?, whoever, whomps you are, Why bother?, Why? What for?, whytowre, wich-waller, wid sucker, wife beater

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